When Kirran is killed on the third try of Father Gascione: When commenting that Kirran is good at fighting, but Lani is good at dodging, Lani laments that if only they could combine their skills. First time involves them trying to enter in a blocked off way, the second ends with. Towards the end of their Cinco de Mayo 2017 Stream, the couch, The guys spend most of the video speaking in. In another instance, the group is asked to complete the title of a book, and one player comes up with, On the April 1st stream, the guys mention how they apparently offended a, The guys' chats are absolutely on fire, coming up with great lines like ". Turns out the bottle he wanted to open was a, Episode 9 has our hero(es) getting attacked and killed by a hunter in "Father Paparelli's" boss room. Lani starts screaming, slowly transitioning, Later on, the guys are running from a Hunter when Lani throws himself off a balcony while shouting. WATCH: Four-star QB signs with South Carolina on Instagram Wednesday. After many reassurances to the audience that "Ben is fine", they state he's even eating his favorite ice cream: They start playing the Birthday Song... and can't make it stop. Kirran is so happy that he gets to show off Turn A Gundam's nuke toss... Taka says that if he had been in charge of. 2021 4-Star quarterback and Alabama commit, Jalen Milroe is having a heck of a senior season. Nappa tries to promote the new Mr Satan "I AM THE HYPE" t-shirt while Vegeta rages over someone stealing his line. While investigating a Dwemer ruin, the group finds a bed and Grant challenges the others to a game of "gay. We usually stream around 5-7pm Central time, but anything's possible! Watch: 4-Star OL Commits To Oklahoma, Flashes ‘Horns Down’ Gesture. Lani chooses Yusuke as his primary character for. Kirran immediately begins sucking up, so what does Lani do? Lani basically stumbles into his first fight with the Taurus Demon. "You know what would be great? Playing the Monster Hunter World beta, they make a character called "Gorp Da Earthman" who Lani starts voicing in a hilarious over-the-top. Luring them to a ladder and tricking them into, In episode 6, they end up in a room with a Fire Demon and a Mimic. Lani asks him to bring it to him, because he's sure he can do it. Fortunately, he can be unlocked at the Sarlaac. In episode 3, they figure out how to beat two enemies that were giving them hell the entire time. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Grant discovers that once you have enough XP, you level up by resting. Best 4 Star Hotels in Walnut Creek on Tripadvisor: Find 407 traveler reviews, 134 candid photos, and prices for four star hotels in Walnut Creek, California, United States. TFS Stream Highlights/Stream Four Star. (they both almost break character laughing). Upon turning into Boba Fett, Lani immediately jumps into the Sarlaac. progress of technology has changed the way they can get porn, Kaiser wins, as he nearly jerked off to a homemade porno of his, and found his dad looking at pictures of "a blonde woman and a brown dog. The chat members, acting as spies for each of the guys, At one point, Zito's stream goes down, leading him to grumble that his ISP is telling him to go fuck himself. During the tutorial boss fight, Lani tries to make the boss jump out of the map by standing near the edge of the cliff... and falls himself. As with the second stream, they drink every time Dumplestiltskin is killed. December 16, 2020 11:25 am. Catch StreamFourStar on Twitch!➤ http://bit.ly/TFSTwitchLend us your energy! On top of that, the times when they drop the accents are just as funny. ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The Rock is honeymooning at a Disney convention. Stream Chat. He's mostly joking; he's friends with Lani and Kirran, but isn't a fan of the style of humor used in, trigger a glitch that let him skip a huge chunk of the game. In one instance, Taka and Lani sing "We Are Perfect Cell" during the fight with multi-formed Cell. Lani and Kirran robbing convenience stores, also, When Kirran has no ammo, Lani makes him the driver for one of their robberies, he proves to be, After getting a new car in the mountains, Lani immediately tries to seeif he can shoot Kirran in the car, after being disappointed that he can't shoot him. Lani spending about half the episode trying to steal a jet, first getting shot right when he was about to get in and then getting blown up at the very end immediately after takeoff. "You'll never take me alive, asshole! In "Bloodbourne XI" Grant hints that in "The Shadows of Yharnam" there, At one point while trying to find the shortcut to the boss, they get blasted off a cliff into a pit...right between two adult Snake Balls. Ocala (Fla.) Vanguard four-star defensive end Bryce Langston played his role well in a win this past Friday over Citra (Fla.) North Marion. turn into a giant monster and attack them when they do it. 0 Comments. The intro is both of them trying to dive out of their car at the same time when they get to Vespucci beach, while Kirran makes it out alive, Lani almost immediately hits face first into a bench. The Falcons are currently one of the top teams in the highest classification inside the state of Texas. Welcome to the chat room! Please direct all business inquiries to admin@teamfourstar.com.. PO Box 397 Addison, TX 75001 one correct answer was dismissed by everyone because it ended with a period. Nyland Green, a four-star cornerback prospect in the 2021 college football recruiting class, announced Tuesday on CBS Sports HQ that he will … LEARN. Naruto vs Luffy: Pirates vs Ninjas. Nappa/Taka loses a match because he doesn't know how to break a hold. After which they find a "No Throwing Jawas" sign. open/close all folders. northpaul79: yyuUUP dee dee dee dee dee. For the 10/25 Wednesdayhem it's Ben vs Ben due to the other members of TFS being too busy. Share this article share tweet text email link Josh Callaway. Rules Document : http://bit.ly/TFSshieldRules Highlights: http://bit.ly/SHNuzlight01 The NUZLOCKE is BACK! TEST. While running from the latter, they find out the two can hit each other and, In episode 9, Lani is fighting some archers with. Lani and Kirran playing Disney Infinity, especially when they're fighting each other. Quinn is great, I think he's a fantastic addition to the team, but I just can't watch his solo streams (or say, Among Us from his perspective), so I'll usually just pick one of the other guys (usually between Lani, Kirran, or Grant) and I enjoy it much more. StreamFourStar's Nick, Scott, and Grant make a drinking game of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, \"Sakero: Shadows Drink Twice!\" Take a shot every time you die! INSPIRE! ", at which point, his dad promptly dropped the conversation, an entire stream of rip-off FighterZ games on the App Store, totally did not force Ben to run the stream for them. The best part about staying in Walnut Creek 4 star hotels is that you’ll often be close to all the local sights and attractions.