Blades Sword. The bandits out front will try to kill you but the warriors will be willing to chat, and you learn that she is not the innocent in all this like she said. Jonno mentions that he moved in with his lover only days after the fire, which is why everyone is suspicious... Our first task is to speak with the Jarl -- who can be found in her home which is not a palace by any stretch of the imagination! Then talk to Valdar again to learn that he can finally rest. I ran over there, but I was too late, I did decapitate the Vampire Lord. It is supposed to be fixed in a future update. Flagging that quest completes this one. Take them out as best you can and make your way to the marked spot, where you trigger a teleport gate! Detailed Walkthrough []. Lunar Iron Sword. Amren's family sword quest [Amren won't take his sword] So I saw him arguing with Saffir and offered to bring his family sword back, so I went and got it, but when I talk to him, there isn't an option to give his sword back, just these: Note that there are bears and wolves in the area so bring extra potions just in case you have to deal with them AND the dragon! Falk is found in the Blue Palace, and once you deliver the Rum to him, there are other chat options that you will want to explore. After you kill the Master Vampire and his minions you will see the little girl on the way out of the Lair -- she lets you know she is now at rest, which is a good thing. You need to make use of your magic to really weaken him and then you can attack directly. This Side Quest is flagged by speaking with Jaree-Ra in Solitude, and is started by speaking with the Innkeeper there about rumors to learn that Jaree-Ra may be hiring. After the fight with his wife, he just gives me 2 options, "You know..." (It the UFO mod) and you not from around here line. ( 20 magicka for 300 seconds)-- Magic Resist. Herebane's Courage. Once you have persuaded him to leave her alone, return to Carlotta to give her the good news and collect your reward. For doing this, he explains, you will be properly rewarded. elder screenshot scrolls skyrim wallpaper v background landscape watchtheskiies. Time to slay! This quest can be flagged by asking any NPC who has the hook "Where can I learn more about Magic?" The White River Watch may at one time have been an officially manned outpost, but it is now held by bandits -- so you will need to clear them out in the process of doing this quest. She wants to be a merchant, and as a Caravan Leader offered to teach her better skills if she could bring him a Mammoth Tusk, she offers the same basic deal to her. You learn that you two did some bad things last night...  Clearly this is an homage to a certain movie...  Nuff said about that. Hey, you are being tested, so cheerfully agree to do it, and then go do it! Talk to him and let him know you have the items to repair the staff, whereupon he turns into a Daedric Lord named Sanguine who tells you that you were very entertaining! After dark you will find her in her grave up the path behind the house, and you will find the Other -- Laelette the Vampire! Whiterun Farmlands 11. White River Watch CTD - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Ok, to say that Skyrim is both a joy and a pain is an understatement. Save first, right? Once you retrieve the sword you must take it back to Amren. Travel to Solitude -- hopefully fast travel if you did the wagon rounds, otherwise catch a wagon there now! She gives you the quest and the materials, and waits for you to craft the item. I would save if I were you... Actually not as hard to kill as I had anticipated, so it really must have been in a weakened state! He needs you to bring him some quest items -- Unmelting Snow, Mammoth Tusk Powder and one Forsworn Briar Heart. You agree but you also learn that something is not quite right here, as she speaks of the "Other One" but refuses to reveal who -- or what -- they are! When you awaken his undead form he will go to those and alternate between them each time you hit him, shooting arrows at you. If you have not, then you will have to kill a Mammoth to get their Tusk -- bring help, because those are a tough to kill mob! The quest giver will give you a simple recipe for a healing potion, and mention that they sell the ingredients. ( 50% to one handed damage for 60 seconds)-- Sneak. This Miscellaneous Quest is flagged by speaking with the old man Noster Eagle-Eye  in Solitude. These quests are NOT part of the main story line, rather they are optional quests that you can do -- or not -- as it pleases you. If I were you I would bribe him -- I did -- because getting a goat back from a Giant? This Side Quest is flagged by talking to Fralia Grey-Mane, a merchant at the stalls in Whiterun. When you talk to the Whiterun Court Wizard Farengar Secret-Fire and ask about Enchanting  you will flag this quest -- simply find a weapon that has a magical property that you do not mind destroying and take it with you back to the Wizard's chamber in the palace. The cave has several rooms leading up to the top where the bandit chief can be found. • Olava the Feeble. Base Armor: 12 Reading the book teaches you about the Gauldur Legend and flags this quest. Read the journal before you take it -- it fills in all of the details and adds to the story. You are now prompted to return to the Jarl and talk to her -- doing so earns you the title of Thane! Weenie tickles. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. When you arrive at the camp you will find a few Bandits outside defending it, and after you take them out head inside the mine that is inside the camp to go after the Bandit Leader -- taking out the other Bandits who are trying to prevent you from getting to him. It is located in the Mzinchofelt which is a large fortification and underground Dwarven labyrinth up to the northwest. When you encounter Amren, he may be arguing with his wife Saffir.If asked about the argument, Amren will tell you about his father's sword: I kill. After you follow her to her house, her son freaks out and draws his weapon -- ignore that. Skyrim does a great job of having every area peppered with little details, some easy to find, some others not so much. As you work your way closer to the destination be prepared to deal with Forsworn bandits -- there will be resistance! Simply seek out Jaree-Ra and talk to him. On your way in or out of Whiterun you will run into Alik'r Warriors who are seeking a Redguard Woman who apparently has a bounty on her head...    That flags this Side Quest, and the woman in question is actually Saadia in the Bannered Mare. There is a very cool mask and staff on the body so be sure to loot those! As far as I am concerned a deal is a deal so I killed them. Your last task is to complete the quest Bring the Song of the Alchemist to Lami. It contains a complete walkthrough describing all the quests present in the game (main, side, Deadric, Guild-related, and those related to the civil war), as well as their branching paths and alternative ways of completing them. You want to remember that recipe and gather as much of the ingredients as you can -- check the full potion recipe in the Appendix as there are other ingredients that will work as well. Battle your way across and through the trapped corridor doing your best to avoid the axes and then you will find the coffin of Sigdis Gauldursun in an alcove in the side of the flooded room ahead. Skyrim does a great job of having every area peppered with little details, some easy to find, some others not so much. It is a simple fetch quest -- either hunt down and kill Ice Wrath or buy the Teeth from Alchemists and deliver them to her for your reward. After you take out the head Necromancer on top of the left tower, use the lever to lower the bridge and exit through the middle of the right tower, then into the cave and out to Skyrim. When you arrive in town you will find Silus Vesuius, the Museum curator and founder, standing in front to greet you! Once you have that you are pretty much done here, so head back to the main guide now! The place to obtain a copy of this book is the Bard's College at Solitude -- and a bonus if that this is also a Skill Book, so read it then steal it and take it to Lami for your reward! You also unlock the Achievement "Daedric Influence" (10 GS) for obtaining that first artifact! ... During daytime, you might hear Amren and his wife discuss a small matter of a lost family sword. ( 100 health)-- Magic. Then you use the lever behind the door that they give access to to enter the Mineshaft, where you will then face a group of Falmer until you eventually reach the very heart of the facility -- the Gatehouse -- where you do battle with the biggest Dwarven Mech ever! Once you do that simply chat with Brynjolf again to end the quest, and then you flag the Thieves Guild Quest Taking Care of Business. Honed Falmer Sword. When you track down the sword and return it to Amren, he'll train you in One-Handed and Block. The quests in this section of the guide are all of the type known as Miscellaneous. You will find the little girl Svari playing with a mate on the streets of Solitude -- it was her uncle who was being executed when we first entered the town, and you learn from her through chat that the event has had profound impact upon her parents. The Shrine is on top of a mountain and can be a bit tricky to reach -- look for the valley with the arch over it and head through there, following the mountain around until you reach the Sightless Pit, then head up the path from there and you will have an easy time of it. You'll find the thieves at a random location (including Halted Stream Camp and White River Watch). Good on ya! This Miscellaneous Quest is flagged during conversation with Idgrod the Younger in the Highmoon Hall in Morthal after you encounter her and her brother -- who clearly is afflicted with ADHD. Once you make the choice this remains in your inventory. White River Watch 14. Or can you help others? Ysolda can be found in the Whiterun Inn or walking around the city. 2. After they are dead, taking the vessel lowers the bars on the Wall, where you learn the Word Seek, Aura Whisper. Make it to Whiterun and turn east. It works! After three glasses of his special brew you find yourself waking up in a strange place -- after asking a few questions -- like where in the hell is Sam?! This Misc Quest can be flagged from Jonno the Innkeeper in Morthal (technically it can be flagged from any Innkeeper in any city as it is a random job) and is a simple track and kill quest. Amren's Sword Quest Bug I'm trying to fetch Amren's Family Sword from White River Watch, but whenever I go to retrieve it from the chest at the end, the game freezes completely, forcing me to end the game's process using Task Manager. I wish it was good news, but sadly not. Grunt work already?! Now head into the now open other room. Fall down the shaft and then climb out of the water and go through the door, killing spiders and undead. // --> It is a standard fetch-and-return quest. You have a choice -- on the one hand you promised to help her, and killing these guys will do that. When you arrive in Riften you will find Brynjolf in the market -- he wants you to steal the silver ring from the strongbox nearby when he causes a distraction, and then place it in Brand-Shei's pocket without him noticing. Upon first visiting the city, Amren can be found arguing with his wife, Saffir, about a lost sword. See the Companions Faction Quest Section for the rest of their quests. He can be found on the street near the Inn and the clothing shop. Head toward the mountain until you find White River Watch, kill the two bandits outside and enter. You need to go to the graveyard in town and enter the Catacombs, where you will find the Amulet of Talos -- actually the second we have found in the game -- but you have to steal it to take it and remember, no good deed goes unpunished! At around level 7, with Lydia's, Meeko's, and Avulstein and his friends' help, I felt ready to take on Missing in Action and Northwatch Keep. If you do not have a Briarheart, you get that from the body of a dead Forsworn so go make some dead! // --> Take the journal with you when you leave and show it to the Jarl to reveal all and solve the mystery of the fire, the deaths, and a potential Vampire Invasion! In the wall directly opposite the gate there is a switch that opens an secret door -- inside is a Deathlord and the first of the containers we are seeking. With the two weapons in your inventory you can now open the door and enter the next area, where you will find a ghost named Kvenel the Tongue -- who is the Tongue you need to silence! White River - Skyrim. There are a lot. It is basically a three-part helper quest and earns you the title of Thane for the Jarl's holdings. This Miscellaneous Quest is flagged by the Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone following your completing the Side Quest Laid to Rest. We will go ahead and fast travel there and find that Ennis is mad at us! This is not really a Miscellaneous Quest since it does not appear in that list but it is included here so that you know how marriage works in the game...  Maramal the Monk is in the Inn in Riften and if you talk to him you can obtain the special necklace that you need -- the Amulet of Mara -- in order to attract a mate and begin the process of getting married. There is another potion on the table and there is his journal -- which when you read it you will learn that he came here searching for "The Claw" which, if I had to bet, I would have said it was the Golden Claw we used earlier. If you flagged the quest "Kill the Bandit Leader at the Halted Stream Camp" you can obtain the Tusk you need from the mine that the bandit leader is using as his HQ. Putting in the Frame. You can flag this quest from any Alchemist but the first chance is in the Inn in Riverwood. The biggest threat are the outside bandits, several of which know magic and use it against you!