Product categories. QY25K truck crane was developed by our company in Uzbekistan. Hire / Day. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. ;��E}6c�C��Vw?�F.�S1*�1��b�*������j��O���T�h'ň�R0��N2`&"����Q4�(+Q��US�Q͕��\ya�d�}� L[X4�e��y?4s�P>5��X\ټ?��}u(�)�3wMg�>���̕�@��@t��ּ�'Q�?�nZV��|���p����a_7he��$� �y��n��{�eB�� yײ-�p?v,��̿N��A�����l;�w��&B��>�)a`���UәҜe�'K�޶�e�i���/v��e��/x��9�]Ŗ��=��A#���ig�����n�v0�ƻ������N�r)����G4|;�Zg���yN��ˈ��H�����|��k�;�7���~H!� ��h8��㩈H�F�8|�~����j�ėl"�P+�hq��endstream ... Industry, mainly engaged in the research and development of high end, mid to large tonnage crane series, including mobile crane, crawler crane, tower crane and loader crane. Mobile crane. Inbox : 081-9677829 , 081-8797198 ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ STC250 TRUCK CRANE 25 TONS LIFTING CAPACITY Quality Changes the World. stream There are three forms of gantry frame structure for 25 ton gantry crane, and they are single cantilever on one end of the crane, double cantilevers on both ends of the crane and crane without cantilever. Max Height: 0-20 feet, 80-100 feet. The chassis is three-axle which has strong power and cross-country capacity. Through constant upgrade, the travel and working performance are greatly improved. Terbaik harga 25 ton TADANO Hidrolik Mobile Crane TL-250E jepang asli untuk dijual US$25.000,00-US$30.000,00 / Set These 25 ton mobile crane specification are loaded with a duplex mode in the engines, which helps in reduced consumption of fuel when working on superstructures. Crane Booking Tlf: +46 (0)31 500 400 E-mail: Order: 1 Piece. Select Crane Takes Delivery of Wolffkran Luffing Jib Model 166 B. AEM Announces 2020 Inductees to AEM Hall of Fame. 25 Ton mobile crane telescopic Boom truck Crane (QY25K-II) Contact:Mandy Chen We are constantly devoting ourselves to the development of the new cranes by applying the latest techniques. If you do not find your own Intent 25 ton mobile crane truck in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services. L[�3orWP}�/�k��e����zv�>��Z(��Rɤ ��H���œE� �3�T�_2���C�����48’��s����f/an��}Sc+0ֿ� Z�5�6�E����@s�S ��Ob��F�ul��]d��1Z�,{|#MՌ����vF�pM9^Z����8o�U6��Ph45��oO�.Z�E����4! Carrier frame ■ Designed and manufactured by SANY, anti-torsion box structure is welded by fine-grain... TECHNICAL PARAMETER OPERATION CONDITION STC250 Working Ranges Type Overall length Overall width Overall height Axle distance Overall weight Axle load Temperature range Min.rated range Tail slewing radius of swingtable Boom section Boom shape U-shaped Base boom Full-extend boom Full-extend boom Outrigger span (Longitudinal×Transversal) Max.single rope lifting speed of main winch (no load) Max.single rope lifting speed of auxiliary winch (no load) Full extension/retraction time of boom Full lifting/descending time of boom Slewing speed Full-extend boom+jib Base boom Boom length Full-extend... LOAD CHART LOAD CHART Prerequisites : ① Boom operating condition(fully extended boom length),min.length is 10.65 and.max.length is 33.5m ② The span of outrigger is 5.3×6.2m ③ 360°rotation is applied ④ Counterweight is 3.8T Working range(m) 3 Prerequisites : ① Boom operating condition( fully extended boom length + jib length),max. �� �|���S��kI"���/���1)�U5]_�M5Z^Dǻ�����D��1�d�����W1UV�.��:@�X����E-Ё#-������P���tRa�r�]|�n���g 0����*� *AT�������~�_���-*aqJn�2 Selling points Icon Selling Points Introduction Dimension Technical Parameter Operation Condition Load Chart Wheel Crane Family Map Excellent and stable chassis performance / chassis system Carrier frame Suspension system Hydraulic system Transmission system winch mechanism: Safety system Brakes system Hoist system Electrical system Safe, stable, advanced, and intelligent electric control system Triple gear pump, load feedback and constant power control are applied to provide strong lifting capacity and good micromobility. COMPANY BRIFE INTRODUCTION COMPANY BRIFE INTRODUCTION SANY Automobile Hoisting Machinery is one of the core business unit of Sany Heavy Industry, mainly engaged in the research and development of high end, mid to large tonnage crane series, including mobile crane, crawler crane, tower crane and loader crane. Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Johnson 150 Ton Hook block… Price: $15,000. XCMG 25 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT25 Swing-away Jib, suitable for lifting operation in oilfields, mines, road and bridge construction, etc. Min. Address: Deltavägen 12 417 05 Göteborg Sweden View details » Crane Industry News. %�쏢 1091 220 Ton Mobile Crane – Liebherr LTM1220-5.2. 7 Pages. Imperial Crane Equipment Sales Remain Strong Despite Current Pandemic. Mobile Crane, Small Crane, Truck Mounted Crane manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Zoomlion 25 Ton Truck Crane QY25V532, Hangcha a Series 1ton to 3.5ton Electric Battery Forklift Cpd25, Sani Chinese Top Brand 80 Tons Truck Crane 80t Stc800 Truck Crane with Factory Price and so on. Version: 2015.08. -, All SANY catalogs and technical brochures, SYG5191THBCZ 30C-8 / 30C-8(R) TRUCK-MOUNTED CONCRETE PUMP, SANY SY35U 3.78 TON Construction and Garden Usege Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator for India Market, Sany SY20c 1.85 Tons Construction and Garden Usege Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator, Sany Sy500h 50.5 Ton Mining Construction Usage Large Crawler RC Hydraulic Excavator, SANY SY18C 1.8 ton Excavator, Tier 4 Final, SANY SCC7500 750 TONS HUGE CRAWLER MOUNTED CRANE, SANY SCC600E 60 TONS CRAWLER CRANE FOR BUILDING AND OIL EXPLORING, SANY BRAND SCC550E 55 TONS CRAWLER CRANE FOR CONSTRUCTION, 55M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump SANY55X-6, 37M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump SANY37X-5, SANY SYT80(T6011-6W) 6Ton 60M tower crane, SANY STC200IR 20 tons truck crane in right drive, SANY SRC1200 120 TONS ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE, SANY SYG5271THB 38 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SPC 350 35 TONS GENERAL CHASIS CRANE, SANY SPC250 25ton general chasis truck mounted crane, SANY SYG5360THB 47 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SYG5418THB 53 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SYG5530THB 62 Truck-mounted Concrete Pump, sany STC200-IR2 20 tons truck-mounted crane, SANY HBT6013C-5D Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY HBT5008C-5S Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY Concrete Mixer Truck Upper Part GJBSZ08/GJBSZ10, SANY SY51100THB 86 86M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SY5631THB 72 72M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SYG5631THB 66 66M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SYG5530THB 6262M Concrete Pump Truck, SANY SYG5418THB 53 53M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump, SANY SYG5271THB 38 38M Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump, SY20C SY20C SY20C SY20C SY20C SANY SY20C Mini Excavator - See more at:, 2.0 MW Series Wind Turbine [Onshore) SE8220III SE8720III y SE9320III-3 . Our mobile crane rental services has many kind of cranes with full boom configuration. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. y, 1.5MW Series Wind Turbine Generator (Onshore), SELF LOADING AND UNLOADING SIDELOADER 2012, SANY HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR SY215C earthwork, stone exploitation, water conservancy, and mining, road,bridge, and tunnel construction, HBT90CH2135DA%28F+European++American+markets%29, SANY SAC1800 180 Tons All-Tarrain Truck Crane. stream Crane Rental. %PDF-1.3 endobj Service Hotline: 4006098318 email: For more information, please visit: For our consistent improvement in techonology, specifications may change without notice. SANY STC250 25 Ton Mobile Crane Hoist Ultra long, super strong and highly sensitive load lifting capacity. Be the first to review “Mobile Crane 25 Ton” Cancel reply. Crane Type (Tons) 4.9 20 25 30 35 40 50 55 60 65 85 90 100 220 250 300. h�e8k�y�A� ����y)�=0��`B��S�O�4�^��Ա��H��6�=�x�J����]M)�?������PP��� From our rental fleet is a Terex BT5092 - 25 ton boom truck crane for rent OR sale from Giuffre Bros. - Nationwide Rentals available - Visit our website to see our complete inventory of … Hiab XS 477 (13Ton Capacity) (pdf) 250 Ton Mobile Crane – Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 QY25K truck crane was developed by our company in 2000. Five-section boom of high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped cross reduces weight significantly with higher safety rates. The jib is optimized octagon section, which has excellent lifting capacity. CRANE CAPACITY 9.5m Boom 25,000kg at 3.5m ( 8part-line) 16.5m Boom 19,000kg at 4.0m ( 6part-line) 23.5m Boom 12,500kg at 5.0m ( 4part-line) 30.5m Boom 7,000kg at 8.0m ( 4part-line) Your email address will not be published. Mobile crane 25 Ton ยกติดตั้งคานสะพาน... ‍♂️ SAFETY FIRST ‍♂️ ⚙️ หจก สหรัฐเครน เซอร์วิสยินดีให้บริการ . Quick View. Your experience on our website is our priority. Hydraulic system Control system ■ High-quality key hydraulic components such as main oil pump, rotary pump, main valve, winch motor and balancing... Chassis ■ Cab is made of new steel structure self-developed by SANY, featuring excellent shock absorption and tightness, which is configured with swing-out doors at both sides, pneumatically suspended driver’s seat and passenger's seat, adjustable steering wheel, large rearview mirror, comfortable driver’s chair with a headrest, anti-fog fan, air conditioner, stereo radio and complete control instruments and meters, providing more comfortable, safe and humanized operation experience. Mobile cranes A mobile crane is any crane that has mobility and is occasionally transporting a load.However, in general parlance, a "mobile crane" tends to be a rubber-wheeled crane vehicle.An advantage of the mobile crane is its simplicity of mobility and its litheness in handling diverse loads or freight rapidly.. We provide rental services of mobile cranes with capacity range from 25 ton up to 800 ton. Mobile Crane 25 Ton Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants who calls, letters asking, or to plants to negotiate, we will offer you quality products and the most enthusiastic service,We look forward to your visit and your cooperation. 7 Pages. © 2021 All rights reserved 29 0 obj These 25 ton mobile crane specification due to their abilities are ideal for lifting, rescue operations, constructions of bridges, ports, megastructures and many more similar activities. Zoomlion Ztc550r532 55 Ton Mobile Crane Telescopic Boom Truck Crane FOB Price: US $151,470-178,200 / Piece. Zoomlion Ztc250r531 25 Ton Mobile Crane Telescopic Boom Truck Crane FOB Price: US $87,465-102,900 / Piece. i*»Ioc ftMiv 5 Sertoli 111 On taar Itacm iSpOOT. The new products will have strong functions and be more adaptive to the customers. 10.6-Wini WBKUUC BOTH--1 SKIMS 10jM3.Sni kwrnoelttin iSogkr* la^JUSin Una Itaair, 1 Soda* 11 -5 ilt. 25 Ton Mobile Crane – Kato NK250V. The display of load moment limiter integrates main console and operation display system, which clearly show the data of all operating superstructure conditions for lifting operation. Crawler Crane; Mobile Crane Truck crane equip used for port transportation, urban construction and can work in a variety of environments with wide lifting range, stabilized working state, quick moving speed and comfortable working cabin. <> ค้นหาสินค้าที่ดีที่สุดของผู้ผลิต mobile crane 25 ton กับสินค้า mobile crane 25 ton ราคาถูกและมีคุณภาพสำหรับตลาดที่พูดภาษา thai ใน ... 100 Ton Mobile Crane Hire. 16 Pages. Tadano 25 Ton Crane (pdf) Tadano 35 Ton Crane (pdf) Tadano 40 Ton Crane (pdf) Tadano 50 Ton Crane (pdf) All Terrain Cranes. As a piece of professional lifting equipment, 25 ton gantry crane has been widely used for heavy load handling on many working occasions. Kato 100 Ton Crane (pdf) Sumitomo 170 Ton Crane (pdf) Liebherr 400 Ton Crane (pdf) Demag 500 Ton Crane (pdf) Liebherr 1200 Ton Crane (pdf) Truck Mounted Cranes. It has two industrial parks in Ningxiang and Huzhou, since entering the market, the products of Sany Automobile Hoisting Machinery have received worldwide recognition with advanced technology, lean manufacturing, high reliability and excellent service. length is 33.5m+8m ② The span of outriggers is 5.3×6.2m ③ 360°rotation is applied ④ Counterweight is 3.8T Main boom+Jib Working range(m) Main boom angle Telescoping condition(%) Values listed in the table refer to rated lifting capacity measured at flat and solid... WHEEL CRANE FAMILY MAP STCSDO SICKA S1C2MI srtsms sicamni UMKHUITI IOJMOT., T«BKCEfcBijwli:'tSot*>» 10j65-3i5ni TBWOCOC Dean; 5 S*i:*rB. XCMG 25 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT25. 6 0 obj Be the first to review “Mobile Crane 25 Ton” Cancel reply. Integrated Report 2020 Tadano promotes ESG and SDGs based on our vision of "Pursuing Further Excellence for the World and the Future". Most of the cranes were made by famous crane manufacture in the world such as Liebherr , Terex Demag, Tadano, Kato, Kobelco. In the early 1960's Valla recognised the need for a new type of crane for handling materials that would find its place between the fork lift and mobile cranes. Crawler Crane:The first CC 8800-1 as Tadano Demag arrived in Japan You can watch how CC 8800-1 is assembled on Tadano Youtube channel You can watch how CC 8800-1 is assembled on Tadano Youtube channel. Brand: Kato; Model: KATO NK250; Color: Yellow; Lifting Capacity: 25 ton; Boom Length: 31m; Boom length with lattice fly jib: 39.2m; Categories: Mobile Cranes, Rent. Mobile Crane 25 Ton. Connect with Us. In addition, there are many other types of 25 ton gantry cranes available for you to choose from, such as semi gantry crane, truss gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane and mobile gantry crane. Changzhou Yamar Group as a professional 25 ton mobile crane truck manufacturer and supplier in China, all the 25 ton mobile crane truck have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. Hot XCMG truck crane 25 ton small hydraulic mobile crane QY25K-II. <> x��W�n7}����l�U%��Gg�6�u�ݢ�>���u��4��_J��^�m퇡9���:�?� Df��M���f>eS��!�$�����f���f��}9@�� OOWJI: 5Ss««». Capacity: 0-5 ton, 5-10 ton. Min. Contact Now. XCMG 25 Ton Mobile Crane China New Construction Crane Qy25K-II QY25K-II truck crane is the product with high reliability inheriting XCMG classical and advanced technology about design and manufacture truck crane of many years and based on mature technology. Unique steering buffer design is applied to ensure stable braking... Superstructure ■ It is made of safety glass and anti-corrosion steel plate with ergonomic design such as full-coverage soften interior, panoramic sunroof and adjustable seats etc., and humanized design providing more comfortable and relaxing operation experience. Buy XCMG truck mounted 25 ton boom mobile crane QY25K5-I … The machines illustrated may show optional equipment which can be supplied at additional cost. XCMG truck mounted 25 ton boom mobile crane QY25K5-I offered by China manufacturer Changzhou Yamar Group. STC250 TRUCK CRANE 25 TONS LIFTING CAPACITY Quality Changes the World. x��]�r5��K?�\��"�4g�W& H␘S�^�q ����/����Z���X�_B#iZ}�Vk�S%j�Tb��7�����m���=Q}��;��io���3 �Gϫ��}5U�������ԽTc5�C=����޷�׮7c�*�v|s�O���y�4;16��za�v���c;!��m�=t�f�}�����yc5F;5BTW �T7nj����oo~�_�.�i�{���,(����̳�0b}=�]�s�e�����S=}l�z�=��Wf��̮��0��=��w;�3�J��aӌ��'�����kv?ӔW��:�>��̌��mw'��ka���]-��F���y��)��!�U3�Q3�j��6�w,�׮�V�k� �S�F��R̊"f-�a�@3 f����=���4H��s�;�1S��;�緎��-����@yV�8��`ڌA��&����ț1�D�g�FZ�)�.�vv��'DZF��`��6L�Oi���׮�}�m�+�(�QC��Kh��ego�}���Ս�{ƬUoܳ=G��������� 4B�B�jh��j������h=%BY9+*�-�!O��hZ�!�#�8��m�S�Y��^�JE{�B���,�Z���.��Q;. 11 :i AUini Idranpc llcnfii: S StrAT«.11 .IV 40m knmxIlor.-C&om n