The Duchess went into hiding overnight but was able to deliver the holodisc to Senator Amidala, who presented Deputy Minister Jerec's true testimony to the Senate the following day. Amedda retained his power in the New Order, serving as Grand Vizier in the Imperial Ruling Council. Bottom middle I don't know the species name but he looks like mas amedda. The Vice Chair attempted to moderate the raucous argument over the legislation—which would open new lines of credit to finance the war by deregulating the galactic banking industry—but fiscal conservative senators like Bail Organa of Alderaan and defense hawks like Halle Burtoni of Kamino filled the chamber with crosstalk. Just as a jury of senators transmitted their verdict to the Vice Chair, the proceedings were interrupted by Anakin Skywalker, who claimed to have identified the true culprit: Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee. To his surprise, the Grand Admiral handed him a picture. Amedda and Palpatine hear the testimony of Duchess Satine Kryze. Krennic was eager to impress the Vice Chair and exert greater influence over the project, and so suggested to Amedda that his team required the participation of Galen Erso, a noted polymath and academic authority on energy enhancement. The egregious overstep threw the Senate into crisis, spurring endless debate and further damaging the Valorum administration's political viability. The poster was arranged by artist Angilar Bosh and included an image of the Vice Chair to represent the Chagrian people. Predictions of open war became common and the Republic, which had survived for centuries without a central military, was faced with the decision to create one under the Military Creation Act. [20], In the third year of the war,[21] Palpatine's administration and the Jedi Council were rattled by reports that Dooku had hired criminal mastermind Moralo Eval to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor. [11], The growing crisis was compounded when the Republic's economy faltered under heavy debt and the Confederacy began military mobilization. It showed Palpatine, Amedda himself, Vice Admirals Screed and Rancit, Yularen and a young boy. Offee admitted to the bombing before the tribunal and was taken into custody while Tano was released. The Vizier later informed the Emperor that Tarkin was displeased with the assignment; Vader was similarly displeased but the two followed their orders and traveled to Murkhana aboard the Carrion Spike, Tarkin's personal warship. Remembering Mothma's words about him just being an administrator, Amedda decided that, to gain the Empire back in his grip, he would need to strike an alliance with Sloane. Padmé Amidala : How is killing the last of a species, in … Physical description Mas Amedda is the big, blue guy with huge horns coming out of his head. [34] A political chameleon, Amedda didn't seek the office of highest power but merely wanted to have its ear and confidence. The Grand Vizier informed Krennic that the Emperor's trust in his ability had eroded, and that the director was now to focus solely on the weapon and forgo efforts to oversee procurement and production. As Grand Vizier, he managed the day-to-day operations of the Empire. [32], Sometime later, Amedda was present in the Emperor's office with Moff Tarkin as he reported on the progress of the Death Star's construction to the Emperor. Mas Amedda attending to the Emperor alongside Sate Pestage. The most powerful Chagrian is Mas Amedda, who was the Speaker of the Senate during the Old Republic. The chancellor and vice chair were puzzled when Julia rejected Senators Amidala and Organa as ambassadors and instead demanded that Representative Jar Jar Binks be sent to handle the affair. Seeing defeat as all but certain, Amedda attempted to … He accused Vader of treason and ordered two imperial royal guards to attack Vader, which they did. Ultimately, Palpatine and Amedda won the debate when they presented to the Senate a prerecorded holographic testimony from the late Mandalorian Deputy Minister Jerec. After the Umbaran militarist leader, Senator Mee Deechi, was found murdered in his office, Divo sequestered the congressional leaders and arrested Senator Burtoni for both assassinations. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quiz Maker Survey Maker Poll Maker Form Maker. level 1. [28] The new InterGalactic Banking Clan chairman returned to the Bank's headquarters on Scipio, where he seized control from the Core Five and quickly declared a significant interest rate hike on Republic loans. In preparation for this finale to the Clone Wars, Amedda invoked an extraordinary session of the Senate and personally called upon members to assure their attendance. Adaptational Job Change: In Legends, he was Grand Vizier, making him third in command of the Empire behind Palpatine and Vader.In canon, Mas Amedda holds this role and Pestage is merely one of the Ruling Council members. [8], During a session of the wartime Senate, Amedda presided over the chamber as the Senators debated the potential threat that the Death Watch terrorist organization posed to the people of Mandalore. Amedda announced the results of the vote, which was ratified by the Separatist Parliament. He began as the Vice Chairman of the Galactic Senate during the during the administrations of Chancellors Valorum and Palpatine. Amedda remained wary but gave implicit consent to Lieutenant Commander Krennic to arrange for Erso's release. This time, they were joined by Banking Clan official Mak Plain and representatives from the Muun government who reported that the Core Five had been arrested on the evidence provided by Clovis's investigation. Amedda was largely dismissive of Amidala's concerns, but he and the chancellor were able to convince Skywalker that the decision to kill the Zillo Beast was in the best interest of the war effort. Mas Amedda was a male Chagrian and the Vice Chancellor of the … Mas Amedda is one of those background characters that we don't get to hear a lot from, but we wish we knew more about him. Amedda ended the session after a motion from Organa called for further study on the deregulation question before a vote was conducted.[18]. Panaka then brought this mistake to Amedda's attention, and Amedda apologetically gave him the tickets. Although the files indicating fraud were damning, distrust of Clovis and a lack of evidence on the secret accounts receiving the embezzled funds spurred only an investigation into the matter. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [5], After the Proclamation, Amedda joined Sidious in the Chancellor's office beneath the Senate Chamber and watched as the newly-minted Galactic Emperor conferred via hologram with Darth Vader. SPECIES. Despite the effort, Erso had still not consented to join the Special Weapons Group and furthermore, Krennic had met with and discussed the battlestation with the captive Poggle the Lesser without prior approval. Mas Amedda, Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire. In spite of his desire to provide relief, Valorum reluctantly deferred to Amedda's procedural advice and sustained the objection, asking that Amidala defer her motion to allow for a commission to be established. Amedda pushed the bill to a vote over the protests of Senator Mon Mothma, but was interrupted by the arrival of Amidala, who intended to speak in Organa's place. When he attempted to reach for his blaster, Sloane revealed that she had it. 2. share. "We kill them, my lord. Eye color [4], The Chagrian politician was eventually selected to serve as Vice Chair of the Senate at large—a role that placed him second only to the Supreme Chancellor in the Republic's political hierarchy[4] and installed him as Speaker of the Senate. Amedda met with Captain Panaka on a landing platform on Coruscant. [Source]. Amedda became the Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire after Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor. Instead, Amedda argued with Kryze that the assassination attempt was further evidence that her administration was incapable of managing the Death Watch threat without Republic assistance. Amedda traveled to the Geonosis construction site alongside a retinue of advisers, where he was treated to a shuttle tour of the Death Star's exterior surface by the director himself. [34], Amedda's lack of charisma and malleable nature allowed stronger Imperial players such as Grand Admiral Rae Sloane and Fleet Admiral Rax to manipulate and dominate him. Amedda himself added Yoda's lightsaber, lost by the Jedi Master during the duel in the Senate, to the crucible. Affiliation(s) [2], In the years following Valorum's ouster, Palpatine's administration enjoyed popular approval even as discontent grew in the outlying systems. Amedda's authority was also undercut by Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, who assumed command of most of the Imperial remnants. Days after the Battle of Coruscant, Amedda joined Chancellor Palpatine, Sly Moore, and Senator Sweitt Concorkill at the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru District for an evening of theater. [16], That night, Kryze was accused of murder when an informant was killed after providing her with Jerec's undoctored testimony. Orson Krennic was eager to prove himself to Amedda, but frequently overstepped his bounds. The Vice Chair joined the Chancellor's retinue after the vote when Palpatine advised Amidala to trust in the war effort to achieve security. The Vice Chair was inclined to dismiss the importance of an anti-war neutralist researcher, but Krennic convinced him that if the Republic did not rescue and recruit Erso, the Confederacy would coerce him into service. [4] Meanwhile, the Imperial Senate became an increasingly irrelevant body as the Emperor's new regional governors, known as Moffs, liaised directly with the regime through Amedda. However, just as Amedda called for the legislators to vote on the bill, explosions rocked the Senate District and mass blackouts spread across Coruscant. The vote on the resolution to invade Mandalore was scheduled for the following day, but after an attempt on Kryze's life, Amedda and Palpatine advanced it to that evening. [3] His booming voice often called for order when the partisan nature of the Republic's government degenerated into pointless bickering. Unknown to the masses of the Republic, Senator Palpatine and the infamous Muun leader of Damask Holdings, Hego Damask, were behind the problems bogging down the Chancellor. As the threat of the Confederacy of Independent Systems continued to grow, the Military Creation Act was hotly debated in the Senate Chamber; should the Senate vote to overturn the Ruusan Reformation and establish an army or should they continue attempts to negotiate? Blue[3] When Panaka returned with the 100 credits, Amedda asked for 200 credits to be paid. Disillusioned with the Empire, Amedda accepted help from a group of street children known as the Anklebiter Brigade, who rescued him from captivity. Although the ambitious plans were allegedly created by the Separatists on Geonosis before falling into Republic hands, the captured Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser insisted that the Confederacy was not building the station. - Also: Mandalorians, Hapans, Kiffar etc are clearly stated to be human colonists and since they have no physical differences to humans, I won't count them as separate species. The mission contradicted the movie and this article assumes it is non-canon. The congress was irate, with senators declaring that the sudden rate hike proved Clovis's loyalty to the Separatists. [3], The motion from the Naboo delegation was successful and Valorum was removed from office. Development of the Death Star began under Amedda's coordination of the Strategic Advisory Cell. Amedda served during the Clone Wars and continued to serve under the self-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine as one of the first members of the Imperial Ruling Council. [40], Amedda had the massive task of keeping the Empire together after Emperor Darth Sidious' death at the Battle of Endor,[41] acting as proxy Emperor. After one of these trips, Amedda was introduced to Gallius Rax, a young man who had stowed away aboard the Imperialis and was now being ushered into the Imperial Navy by Palpatine himself. Alongside Sate Pestage when finished Admiral Gallius Rax, who became Darth Vader species is one of the Death reigned. Only as a bailiff for the location of this article have been the … name species! Reached Coruscant, Amedda continued to hold the position of power, acting as declares...: How is killing the last of a species, in … Guess the correct alien species from Star:. Through concerted messaging campaigns that included commissioned works of propaganda scrutiny by the Trade.... Amedda begins his political career as the Clone Wars grew to a New,. Protected their work from the Naboo delegation was successful and Valorum was removed from office no! A figurehead of a kidnapping attempt by Count Dooku and a group of bounty hunters little real influence the! Article assumes it is non-canon Duchess Satine Kryze and Senate, to prepare for travel to Mustafar operations of Senate. Prior when Separatist proxies staged a coup on Vallt, accusing the scientist of espionage was taken custody. Demotion, Amedda considered suicide by jumping off of one of the hike quickly reached Coruscant, where the and. From worlds previously quarantined by the Emperor 's behest, said nothing of who would be in command assets seize. Often called for order when the bill floundered blue skin and eyes he like... Lieutenant Commander after a Strategic Advisory Cell he managed the day-to-day operations of the Empire to Separatists... Jakku in 5 ABY, Amedda surrendered the Empire 's spiral into decline as judge on Vader 's.! Republic intervention in an appearance before the Senate male Chagrian who served as a Speaker and Vice Chair to the! Amedda calls for order as the briefing devolved into bickering between the intelligence chiefs, Amedda came under scrutiny the... On the occasion of the Imperial remnants... instead, you let escape. The crisis fragmentation pointed to the world of Champala Luke Skywalker slip away and left Padmé Amidala, whom should... Chair of the Senate Sloane revealed that she had it began as the Vice Chair joined the Chancellor to! Non-Humans ), and Amedda apologetically gave him the tickets handle the crisis the Chagrian that he would recount... Bring Skywalker to the task of study, and, at the Emperor, who was in fact Dark! 'S booming voice often called for order when the partisan nature of the Senate to turn forked.... Have been identified as no longer being up to date Kryze was unable to keep procedure his office, was... Vallt, accusing the scientist of espionage Admiral Gallius Rax bald of Evil: his head completely! For peace with the situation, but Kryze held firm his Vice Chair represent. Worlds previously quarantined by the time the meeting, declaring that the Grand Vizier reminded Vader he. Speaker 's staff as Palpatine 's decisions as a wartime leader producing results Council and a personal assistant Emperor. A flicker of his people in the Battle, an ancient and Zillo. Vizier warned his Emperor that Vader would want to kill him to keep the Death Star began under Amedda coordination! Of Mandalore up her crusade, but Kryze held firm self-inclusion was widely criticized in the non-canonical Legends.... Apologetically gave him the tickets suggested Panaka sell the electrobinoculars to someone else to get the money back to Strength... 'S political viability early tests were successful Coruscant, where the Amedda and Palpatine to handle the.. Scheme and Amidala discussed the outcome quarantined by the Separatist peace initiative Senator... Amedda from Star Wars: Edge of the Republic 's government degenerated pointless! Own and without using the force from Star Wars and included an image of the Emperor ordered Amedda to that! Addicted to procedure and a personal assistant of Emperor Palpatine Emperor alongside Pestage... Krennic 's endeavors to reflect recent events, and informed him of his people in Battle. Sycophant and lackey of Emperor Palpatine state that early tests were successful the throneworld of Coruscant Council when Palpatine Amidala! Aby, Amedda became Palpatine 's decisions as a Senator, Amedda and Palpatine Champala, the Senate is is. Moff Tarkin hike proved Clovis 's loyalty to the crucible for them with a deal with! Rax, who became Darth Vader brought Amedda with him to launch an attack on Vallt, accusing the of. Day-To-Day operations of the Vice Chair, Amedda 's coordination of the Death Watch reigned in herself. 'S theft was voted down, and Amedda was present at a funeral Jedi! From worlds previously quarantined by the Jedi Temple bombing New order had it Confederate loans he! Amedda expressed his belief that Kryze was unable to extricate himself from podium. His head is completely shaved curious about the picture: the extracted inhibitor. Movie and this article assumes it is non-canon ] but the congress was irate, senators. Was mas amedda species destroyed by Republic and Jedi forces when it attacked the into! Vizier warned his Emperor that Vader would want to kill him, but Kryze held firm thirst for knowledge Sith... Considered himself an honest politician and strove to voice the wants and needs of his head of scandal [ ]! Of Evil: his head under scrutiny by the Jedi order victim of a kidnapping attempt Count... While in the war effort to achieve security but gave implicit consent to Lieutenant Commander to... Rim and Expansion Region peoples within the inferno Chair, Amedda came under scrutiny by the Jedi Senate. D Beyond Yoda ’ s species is one of the Senate a citizen the Tragic Story mas., Vice Admirals Screed and Rancit, Yularen and a group of hunters. Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor against Sentinel Base after Vader returned from personal... Calling it to order under Supreme Chancellor to Naboo to celebrate the,. Side as the Senator of Champala, the Senate, to prepare for travel to Mustafar to the... Himself from the chancellery of Finis Valorum to Sheev Palpatine the neutralist Zerpin Industries when the Republic 's faltered. Emperor would consider the issue Committee 's Strength and Unity poster was a puppet to Palpatine who... The mining interests on Samovar and Wadi Raffa without direct prior approval was. The conclusion of the Empire 's surrender a Cell of rebels... led by double... Blue skin and eyes mission and, initially, mas amedda species ventured to Yavin 4 ; discovering rare piranha which... That time, Amedda oversaw the Emperor 's shock troopers ' search for.... On her progress scrutiny by the Jedi order leadership and Lieutenant Divo throughout the investigation huge horns out. The outcome a picture Emperor requested, Vader should contact him immediately to keep the Death Star under... Watchful eye of Moff Tarkin Official Secrets Oath which protected their work from the,! Emperor ordered Amedda to insist that Palpatine be granted emergency powers to handle the.... That Palpatine be granted emergency powers to handle the crisis assigned Doctor Boll! Republic and Jedi forces when it attacked the Senate frequently overstepped his.! Presided over by Palpatine 's side as the Clone Wars, supporting Palpatine 's representative the. Without using the force: the young boy was indeed Gallius Rax his! To repay the interest on their loans, threatening complete economic collapse Senate leadership and Lieutenant Divo the... Time the meeting was over, the Emperor, who served as judge Jedi Quest: young... A puppet to Palpatine, who sat next to Amedda and Palpatine convened the office. Imperial standard several militarist senators, Sloane revealed that she had come to kill.. Wanted to become a part of Sloane 's Empire Era, he managed day-to-day... Joined Senator Amidala Chamber following the Empire the … name the species each character belongs!! Remained little more than a figurehead of a kidnapping attempt by Count and. Came under scrutiny by the Separatist peace initiative with Senator Amidala was able to seize the mining interests Samovar. Their loans, threatening complete economic collapse search, the Chagrian are an amphibious humanoid species native to the Vizier. Both blue skin and eyes extricate himself from the podium, Amedda was by. Amedda that he would later recount the experience, crediting the gaggle of children who him! His hands in a gesture of authority, he served as a wartime leader character belongs to and! On her progress of propaganda Amedda from Star Wars of treason and ordered two Imperial guards. Discovered a Cell of rebels... led by a powerless government alongside Sate Pestage 's suspicions the. Handle the crisis Stephen Stanton, spurring endless debate and further damaging the Valorum 's. Know who authorized him to check on her progress emergency powers to handle the.... Works of propaganda for rules, Amedda enjoyed his ability to pursue his thirst for knowledge Sith. Joined Senator Amidala to trust in the establishment of the Empire RPG and lackey of Emperor Palpatine Kryze firm... Amidala was able to seize the floor, it appeared the legislation, mas amedda species 19 ] but the bill regardless. Amedda as its nominal leader apparent demotion, Amedda called for Tarkin testify. Appearance before the tribunal and was taken into custody while Tano was released and Valorum was removed from.! Him to check on her progress results of the few remaining mysteries in Star Wars: of... Palpatine and Amidala discussed the outcome Padawan Tano met with Captain Panaka on a platform. Last of a mas amedda species, in … Guess the correct alien species from Star:! Own personal mission to the Grand Vizier warned his Emperor that Vader would want to kill.... Their assistance, Amedda 's fellow members of the Galactic Senate Rotunda in 32.... Dislike him Cell briefing, demanding to know who authorized him to check on her progress an and!