We'll handle the hard parts. I wore a walking boot for 4-6 weeks Since I have taking it off I am now having pain in right thigh area in the muscle. Integrated inflation system puts the patient in control for a personalised fit. “The thick sole is approximately 1-2 inches thick resulting in one leg being longer than the other, aka leg length discrepancy,” contends the walking boot class action lawsuit. I had to wear am air cast for about 7 months after triple arthrodisis surgery on my left foot. Megzie, I sympathise. I didn't know a sprain could be so painful:( It really hurts to put pressure on my foot.

I have a swollen bump on the outside of my right ankle that will not go away. Aircast Accessories/Parts Shop the entire line of Aircast accessories and the latest Aircast parts to keep your product working like new. You must contact the I had a procedure done in a foot doctor for Plantar Fasciitis and wore a boot for 3 months straight. Tuck the plastic edges near the toes inside the boot. It is bone damage, rather than a soft tissue injury. All he said was I don’t know what you want us to do about it? I wore this boot for 9weeks after I was told a fractured my toe. All right reserved. Reducing pressure here allows the tissue to rest and heal. My suggestion would be to bin this marathon. DJO touts the device as “Smart Healing with Every Step.”. I have always recovered well with proper rehabilitation. I am finding the boot uncomfortable and digs in - find i am more comfortable out of the boot at home - but very cautious as only partial weight bearing! I’m begging you to get this garbage off the market please? How long have you been having these problems ? She just said do 'em up, no specific order. Wore one on and off for 8 years! My ankle was injured in an accident them subsequently infected so required surgery including debridement and skin grafting. Follow up: We do not routinely follow up patients with this type of injury. Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the I can't stand the boot and the aircast I had. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. Pressure studies show that this rocker works to dramatically reduce pressure under the ball of the foot. I can feel my hip is not a the right place. And if there's a PTT problem as well, that really needs sorting (and tendon problems can take longer that bone, unfortunately).. The Elite is the most advanced walking boot, engineered to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort, and oedema control. I can' barely stand for 30 min without pain. I feel that if we don’t treat the hip problem nothing is going to change. The class action lawsuit alleges that DJO may have a darker incentive not to inform patients of the potential for injury from the walking boot – to increase the need for knee and hip implants also produced by the company.
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  • Stop doing what the feck makes it hurt. A man who says he developed a herniated disk after using a walking boot for an injured leg has filed a class action lawsuit against the device maker DJO Global Inc. Lead plaintiff Daniel Dreifort alleges in his class action lawsuit that the thick-soled walking boot, the Aircast boot, can lead to misalignments in patients, and even lengthen the leg of the wearers. Still have back pain and herniated disks! This doctor, does he have a medical degree? administrator or law firm. This thing called common sense has once again proved to be a rare commodity. LOL. 1- Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace / Walking Boot This Aircast walker brace or walking boot comes to your aid while you are recovering from an injury. I would like to be included as well. Seriously, WTF? The good thing if it is a stress reaction is that in six to eight weeks (maybe less) it should be healed. I'm especially baffled when people come on asking for advice after a broken bone or major surgery. I was worried I’d dislocated my hip replacement. '> The skin under the boot is burning or stinging, or you have a warm or painful spot under the boot. “DJO had knowledge of the false and misleading representations when they sought to profit by selling a product solely intended to fix a problem the created and they failed to disclose. I broke my right ankle in August of this year and was put in the air boot. Am supposed to start physical therapy for this. I've discovered that a shoe with a 2 inch heel is the closest match. As I’m going down on pain medicine as I don’t want to live on such a high dose just to function. If it fecking hurts. If you have a broken foot or a broken ankle, then an aircast walking boot may be in your future. “Walking in the boot causes knee, hip, and back pain. We normally break the ankle or sprain it. I wore it according to the use of the product but still developed a DVT, and a PE. I can’t walk without pain in my leg, back, and hip.