Crutches and walker are out for me due to rotator cuff. My ankle was broken in 3 places, multiple pins and plates were inserted. The first two weeks after surgery I was NWB, last week I had the acrylic cast removed same as the stitches. Gave me moon boot and told me I could walk in it. So, I am up and down the stairs, a lot! didn’t have to WB to get in or out of it. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Second month, I was told I ‘could’ sleep without it, and I tried, but did NOT sleep. You can check out my blog: agnesatr. Everytime I’m in the boot it feels like pins are stabbing me over and over. I have now cut off the seam causing pressure point pain under my toes, which had made a terrific difference. I am concerned I still cannot walk properly. Blood went everywhere; my pillow, the doctor’s face, and I think there were a few spots on the ceiling too. Thanks everyone for sharing your story,this is mine .broken my ankle At skating ,4pins and 1 plate and 5 screws .2weeks after surgery they removed the cast and replaced it by aircast.i was told to remove it to do exercise while I am sitting .it is really sucks with 3 kids .wish you all a fast recovery. It’s from getting hit by a car. I was so excited about having the boot after about 2.5 weeks the splint and stitches were removed. boot is also irritating my knee, which feels stressed by the extra weight… and seems a bit hyperextended when walking. Trying to adjust it. They will lead you to research papers and modern protocols. Although it is somehow comforting to read that others are going through the same thing and what their experience is. Ankle Support Brace, Breathable Neoprene Sleeve, Adjustable Wrap! Post surgery I wore a soft cast for two week, followed by a hard cast for four weeks. My understanding of the issues around sleep are not so much a bad roll or cramp, but that while relaxed, your foot tends to “point” down more, and the tendon could tighten up short overnight. Crutches are for people under 20. BraceAbility Sleeping Stretch Boot | Plantar Fasciitis Night Foot Splint and Adjustable Achilles Tendonitis Brace for Fascia, Tendon and Calf Stretching, Heel Spur or Arch Pain Treatment (Large) 4.0 out of 5 stars 501 $27.99$27.99 ($27.99/Count) Causes. Like any fracture it needs to be in place to heal and that is why you wear a boot. There is still Ankle movement in the Moonboot, so I’m back at step one elevate and ice. I’m also 100% Vegan getting ready to transition to plant based! He kept doing xrays instead of mri. But I hope that shareing my experience may be helpful to some one. 1) The ortho said it was slightly displaced but did not need surgery to heal straight. If you do, you can also control it by wearing compression sock inside your boot. I’m now on the aircast boot and I use it during the day and at night I have to use the acrylic boot I had after the surgery is less heavy than the aircast boot and that’s also what my Dr. recommended and I’m still NWB. I didn’t sleep in my aircast and I worry a little that my foot was sort of free to angle about at night. Just add the 3w’s in front. In a week we go to Holland to see my first born grandchild. Sadly the ankle pain is less but knee pain is more. Please advise if you can. If I am in my back , I put a small pillow under my moonboot leg as well, to help the incline. Is anyone else going this route? This is the hardest thing for me because I am super active and want it to be over. After 3 weeks post surgery the Dr. put me in a boot. I know we all heal differently but whoever made the statement ” surgeons aren’t good at providing guidance throughout the process” was dead-on! Had bunion removal yesterday and have hard air boot for walking. About 7 weeks post OP, had a Lisfranc injury, NWB for a couple more months, I wear the boot when I move around and sleeping but laying on the couch or in bed it’s off. This is so hard for a “mover and shaker” like me, it is depressing and lonely. We’re hoping I will be boot and walker free May 4th! After reading through many comments it comes to my attention that the Ortho Doctors aren’t very informative about the can/can’t and do’s/don’ts of their ankle fracture patients! I would keep the right foot elevated to keep swelling down. I’m sure you know you should never put ice directly on the skin. Tori - the boot stays on in place of a cast. Did you find once you started PT things began to get a little better? I am 10 weeks post (1st surg) broken/compound fracture right tib and fib. If you have these remedies available locally from a health food store or drugstore, they can give much relief. Right foot. I’m still NWB and need crutches to get around and my doctor advised keeping the boot on when I move just to be safe. My surgeon laughed at the woke thing. I take boot off now and then but still resting it. I have been in a cast for 3 wks after partially tearing my achilles tendon now have to wear a boot for another 7 wks. I have an avulsion fracture in my 5th metatarsal on my right foot after falling from a bench, turned my ankle completely and landing with my full body weigh on a stone floor. 4 more weeks non weight bearing. Very informative all your comments. Moonboot hurts so in reading this blog just released Velcro straps while laying on elevated pillows and feels better already. I had X-ray’s today and can partial weight bare. Its not really working. Want to follow instructions but more pain than actual initial injury and anytime since then. Anyone? As I’ve not slepf for 7 weeks am looking forward to a decent nights sleep. I was given a shoe at the ER till I saw my dr 2 weeks later. I think not walking at all is what has made it start healing quicker. My foot is so hot! Sadistic. Reading on the webs, there is a lot of varying treatments it would seem. 1 2 Plastered for 2 weeks, just gone into ROM boot for I guess about 6 weeks. Also I’m spending all my time in the boot apart from bathing an when the boot comes off my foot looks swollen and goes quite stiff…. Then hobbling to the couch for a bit of TV downtime. Craig my first 4 weeks in the boot I was only allowed to remove it for showering and was NWB. I use an aircast cryo-cuff every 2 to 3 hours for 20 minutes every day for the swelling, it feels wonderful.