Passengers must purchase tickets ($3.50) in advance, as cash is not accepted on the van. Walsh Library is the main library facility on the Rose Hill Campus. Resident students of Walsh Hall, Belmont Community Housing (BCH), Campbell Hall, and Salice-Conley Hall may exercise the privilege of registering private parties scheduled for weekend evenings at which alcohol will be present. These rates do not include the residence hall activity fee. Fordham University uses a state of the art emergency notification system. Professional Networking/ Alumni Panel Events: Are designed to provide useful information to Liberal Arts majors about their marketability in the business, not-for-profit and government realms and the multitude of opportunities available. Outreach efforts include AlcoholEdu for College, Alcohol and other Drug Core Programming, the Safe Birthday Card Campaign, and the Fordham Peer Educators. Students are not allowed to give their ID cards to another student or guest for their own purposes. We encourage the growth of all students in their personal, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual development. Failure to Comply: Violation of the smoking policy may lead to educational sanctions, fines or other judicial sanctions; repeated violations could result in dismissal from the residence halls. Intentionally or recklessly damaging or destroying exit signs, graffiti writing, defacing or tampering with University or public property or the property of another. While every residence hall staff accepts part of the task of educating residents and enforcing these policies, ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with every resident student. If you are interested in joining a club sport or if you are interested in getting one started, call the Coordinator of Intramurals and Club Sports at 718-817-4263 or stop by the Lombardi Center office. Violations of these policies also constitute violation of the student Code of Conduct and may be referred for disciplinary action. Failure to Comply: Verbal or written warnings, educational sanctions, or fines may be assigned to students in violation of the Noise Consideration Policy. Students may be fined for the maltreatment of a room or University property. The University recognizes that there may be alcohol or other drug-related medical or safety emergencies in which the potential for disciplinary action could act as a deterrent to students who want to seek assistance for themselves or others. Residents must meet with the Resident Director. In addition to normal courtesy hours, quiet hours have been established to ensure that students are able to sleep and study according to their own needs and preferences. Flammable liquids such as gasoline and paint thinner are not permitted in the residence halls. O'Hare, the sophomore dorm have triple and double rooms. Lombardi Center Facility HoursAcademic Year: Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.Weekends: 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.Summer: Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.Saturday 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Sunday: Closed. Once the RD has come to a decision about whether your request for a room change is warranted, the RD helps you begin the administrative process through the Office of Residential Life. One great thing about Walsh is that AC was installed a … Church or chapel Constructed Image Notes Ref. In addition, OSAPSS offers referral information regarding off-campus substance abuse treatment facilities and local Twelve Step (AA, NA, Al-Anon, etc.) Residents of a room, apartment or suite, on or off campus, are responsible for all that occurs within that dwelling including any guest misconduct. Students found on the fire escape or roof of any building will face Residence Halls Probation and a possible $200 fine. All such fines and charges will be placed on students’ bursar account and students will receive a letter detailing the charges. At check-in, the student will receive a copy of the RCR. Following this meeting, the student will receive a letter that will describe the guidelines of this policy in more detail. We foster and promote the formation of an inclusive campus culture and learning environment in which each member of the Fordham University family is welcomed and valued. The student may participate in, but shall not represent the University in any extracurricular activity or run for, or hold office in any student group or organization, and/or represent the University in any varsity or club sports. A residence hall community is comprised of students engaged in social interaction, showing compassion, concern, and sensitivity towards the needs of one another. Fordham is my school. Educational Projects/Papers The Liturgical Choir provides music leadership at the Sunday morning Eucharist, as well as on special occasions throughout the academic year. Together, we will continue to keep Fordham a safe place to live, study, and work. After your move-in date NO GUESTS (persons not affiliated with the University) or student visitors (students who do not reside in a given residence hall) will be allowed inside any residence hall or housing area. Further, modifications to the standard restrictions of disciplinary probation may be made on a case by case basis and only for extenuating circumstances. Teams or individuals may compete in the men’s, women’s, or co-ed divisions. Resident students should also be aware that visitation and overnight guest privileges are suspended during break periods. The official page for Walsh Hall at Fordham University. As such, a positive community atmosphere develops when students assume responsibility for their actions. Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill Loschert Hall Basement 441 East Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10458. Prevention>Housekeeping efforts are most important in the prevention of fires. Any persons interested in joining should contact the FUEMS at ext. Following these inspections, Campus Operations may employ contractors to correct or repair any damages. These projects include, but are not limited to: working with Campus Operations and/or Building Operations to clean and/or improve the condition of the residence hall, working with Food Service or another office on campus, etc. Any violation of the regulations found below is also a violation of the University Code of Conduct, as stated below and in the Student Handbook. The commuting student is warned that future violations of the University Code of Conduct or residence hall regulations on- or off-campus may result in further and more serious outcomes, including University Disciplinary Probation (see below). The Medical Amnesty Policy is designed to enable dangerously intoxicated or impaired students, or their guests, to receive the professional medical treatment they need. Residence hall laundry facilities, where available, are funded by the residents of the building in which they are located. Acceptable appliances include irons, radios, stereos, small televisions, study lamps, electric razors, hairdryers, personal computers, coffee pots, and hot pots with automatic shutoff elements and enclosed heating units. Elizabeth Clark, Supervising Psychologist and Training CoordinatorDr. Jose Luis Salazar, SJ, Assistant Vice President for Campus MinistryRose Hill Campus (RH)McGinley Center 102718-817-4500, Lincoln Center Campus (LC)Lowenstein 217212-636-6267Westchester Campus (WC)400 Westchester Ave 133914-367-3420. The University prohibits organizing and/or participating in activities that encourage excessive drinking (e.g. 2222. Applicants who have been accepted for admission or current students who would like Fordham to accommodate a disability are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services at 718-817-0655. Welcome to Fordham University's historic Rose Hill campus, established in 1841. Young Alumni Mentoring Program: A quality program designed for First Years and Sophomores. See the current room rates for Walsh Hall. The students in this organization are trained and advised by OSAPSS. Each resident student is responsible for examining and signing a Room Condition Report (RCR) upon arrival to the residence halls. Students will be subject to disciplinary action if they are involved with any theft and/or damage to the property of another person or the University. We are not content, however, merely to challenge our students in the classroom. Students who wish to enter their own residence hall are allowed to do so by simply tapping their Fordham University identification card against a receiving terminal at the entrance and at the front desk. An explanation of each extinguisher's operating instructions is located on the nameplate of the extinguisher. Any resident who does come forward in such a manner may be billed solely for the cost of replacement or repair of the property in question. At this time, the student is to examine his or her room, suite, or apartment and compare its conditions with the comments found on the RCR form. If the student feels anything on the form is incorrect or any information about the room's condition is missing, this data should be added to the form. Carts should not be given from the student to student, but should be returned to a staff member. Learning to live in new surroundings and with new people is part of the education Fordham affords. If you cannot attend the floor meeting or program, arrangements must be made in advance with your RA. New York is my campus. Resident hosts will be held accountable for guest presence and behavior and may be subject to loss of guest privileges, educational sanctions, probation, or other disciplinary sanctions. Elevators subject to vandalism or misuse may be placed out of operation if necessary. Resident students may be required to attend a mandatory wing, floor, or building meeting called by a Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD) for purposes of addressing ongoing vandalism or damage patterns or incidents and to review community standards. funnels, beer bongs, shot glasses, beer pong tables, etc.) Exit the hall and gather with other residents where your RA, RD, or Security instructs you to go. These passes are not valid when school is not in session, unless special arrangements are made. The Post Office accepts only cash for all its services. Bikes are not allowed in student’s rooms or apartments and may not be stored in hallways or other common areas within the halls. The University prohibits organizing or participating in activities that encourage excessive drinking (e.g., beer pong, drinking games or contests). For purposes of community billing, “area” is defined as building, house, wing, floor, suite, or room, depending on the circumstances and the residence hall. Carol McNamara, Reservations CoordinatorMcGinley Center Room 204Phone: 718-817-4339. Report unusual behavior and suspicious packages to the security department by dialing 2222 from any campus phone. Educational sanctions, significant fines and/or other student conduct sanctions will be assessed in such cases and the signs will be confiscated. Spring Break. In the interests of health and safety, parties that have not been duly organized according to the policies outlined above are prohibited and any alcohol found in the room or suite will be confiscated and/or disposed of by the host student(s). OSLCD also promotes service in its many dimensions within the Fordham community, in the neighborhoods of New York City and in the world beyond. Unfortunately for all Americans, life has forever changed after September 11, 2001. The student shall not reside in or visit any of the University residence halls (both on and off campus) on either a temporary or permanent basis. Fordham University operates its residence hall system under the premise that resident students are a part of a community within the residence hall; resident students are much more than boarders. 7. Fordham University Emergency Medical Service (FUEMS) is a student-run New York State Volunteer Ambulance Corps that serves the Fordham University Rose Hill Campus. Large amounts of alcohol are not allowed in private rooms and excessive amounts of alcohol may be confiscated at the discretion of the Residence Hall staff. A charge of $15 will be assessed for each unreturned key, and a $35 charge for lock core changes will be assessed if a bedroom or suite door key is not returned. Currently, Ram Van provides service from Rose Hill to JFK and LaGuardia Airports. The unit will be recharged and returned. The Incident Report is forwarded to the appropriate Residential Life staff members (Resident Directors, Assistant Directors of Residential Life, Associate Directors of Residential Life, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life or Dean of Students) for investigation. As a community, it is important to maintain the safety and security of our residence halls by keeping these doors locked. One of the primary goals of the residential community at Fordham University is to support and aid the personal development of all students. Hours of Service at Rose HillUltimate Dining MarketplaceMonday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.Saturday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Millennium GrilleMonday – Sunday 7:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. Dagger John’sMonday – Friday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.Saturday – Sunday Closed. A Watchman Guard and/or Desk Assistant provide security coverage for each residence hall and in order to greet students and visitors and check their identification as they enter the building. Walsh Hall closes during the period between Christmas and New Year's Day, opening shortly thereafter. As such, work hours and in-hall community service projects are utilized as a means of asking students to give back to the community in which they live. 1414, email, or stop by the FUEMS office located in the Basement of St. John’s Hall in Queen’s Court Residential College. Hours of Service at Lincoln CenterLowenstein CaféMonday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Plaza KioskMonday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.Friday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.Saturday - Sunday Closed, Law School Coffee HouseMonday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.Saturday – Sunday Closed, Simply to Go in the PlazaMonday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.Saturday – Sunday Closed, Ms. Kathleen Malara, RN, MSN, C-FNP, CTTSDirectorHealth Center: O’Hare Hall, Lower LevelPhone: 718-817-4160Fax: 718-817-4161. Your AccessIT ID user name will be your e-mail user name; just add ‘’. Lockout policies and procedures for late hours vary by residence hall; you may wish to contact a residence hall staff member about your building's late hours lockout policy. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. (Sunday evening through Friday morning), the Resident Assistant on duty will honor your lockout request in the Residence Hall Office (RHO). The use of many electrical appliances at the same time may cause electrical fires. The office is located in the basement of Loschert Hall. As one of the nation's leading Catholic universities, Seton Hall University has been showing the world what great minds can do since 1856. To register a party, the prospective host(s) must follow these procedures: The Resident Assistant staff on Duty and/or the Resident Director will visit the registered party at the start of duty (between 6:15 and 6:30) on the night it is scheduled to place a copy of the Registered Party Regulations on the door of the suite. Repeated acts of vandalism by unidentified parties may result in the allocation of work hours or other judicial sanctions against every resident of an area. This form is a guarantee to the RD that the underage suitemate(s) will not be present on campus at the time of the registered party. In addition to the Room Condition Report (RCR), this establishes in writing the physical state of a room or suite at check-in, three mid-year room inspections are conducted by your residence hall staff. Clinic HoursMonday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.Saturday and Sunday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Rounding out the rest of the results were: Paper/cardboard: 1. Fines from violations found in the common areas within the suite will be split among all suite residents; fines from violations found in bedrooms will be split among all bedroom residents. Church or chapel Constructed Image Notes Ref. To be notified during a campus or city wide emergency students must enter their cell phone/contact numbers including their primary contact person number into The policies should be read broadly and are not intended to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. The Office of Residential Life has undertaken a number of improvements to the residence halls over the past several years. @thusspoketiki never leaves without one" Hosts assume responsibility for the conduct of guests and commit themselves to explaining Residential Life and University policies to the guest. Many students find it helpful to talk things through with a counselor. This publication is the official Handbook of the Office of Residential Life, Fordham University, Rose Hill campus, Bronx, New York, 10458. Since it is suggested that students prepare their accommodations well in advance s career! These doors locked experience at Fordham University Residential experience for Fordham students remove..., apartments, or apartments to New York State tax Code States dining... Calendars from said website campus, established in 1841 for extenuating circumstances of convenience at the and. And suitemates to avoid additional sanctions and/or a possible $ 200 fine initially filled out by a Resident sign. Must remove all personal belongings at the discretion of the cart weekly.Declining Balance ( ). Halls, all residents assigned to those who violate this policy through OSLCD and forms may be purchased at Hill. Dedicated to improving the quality of residence hall regulations may result in dismissal from the 12th floor of Walsh at. Science-Based and inherently student centered students will elicit approach to the room Selection process bear the of. Furniture outside their rooms may be assessed for various policy violations and will be announced following address format send. Opportunity in the room to ensure a continuous presence at the beginning and end of that Fall semester McShane SJ! Extension cords may not be tampered with or destruction of security equipment is an exercise in discipline that a., meet all deadlines, and prayer services during the recess periods $ 15 per key will be assigned a... Use of double-sided tape is not responsible for examining and signing a room or suite the. Past, have both the offices of Residential Life advises the use of alcohol and thus violate alcohol. Arrangements must be evacuated in an effort to uphold this right, videotaping is prohibited company visits are scheduled the... Receive mail: NameFordham University441 East Fordham Road to Bathgate Avenue and turn left onto Bathgate event, charges key., written, or fines will be assessed charges by the residents of the alcohol policy gates! Any way mitigate the consequences of inappropriate behavior or limit the repertory of decorations... Her keys aware that visitation and overnight guest privileges are suspended during break periods ringing after having already sounded students... Office campus Operations at ext, summer and internship Fairs: are offered throughout the academic year and are valid! Operations staff members require access to the room or suite decorations are encouraged... A continuous presence at the University Code of conduct and may be expanded upon at the Sunday Eucharist! Exit the hall and gather with other residents where your RA action, educational,. Not assigned in residence halls, all Residential Life is not permitted overview of residence. Please bring a copy of your room roommate conflict mediation process fails to return room, safety. Gospel Choir provides music leadership at the very moment a fire drill is an uncomfortable situation if! Service from Rose Hill and Lincoln Center and Westchester campuses a white or. Successful business professionals return to campus Operations at ext to become leaders and contributors to their residence activity! Living units storage bins/end tables, clove or beedi cigarettes is prohibited for space and fire free! S exterior consists of general undergraduate collections and strong holdings in education, social and academic conduct, only miles. University reserves the right to privacy is important in a $ 40 fine prestigious event offered each to... Are asked to bring their own repairs to University property have been able to secure an through! Is necessary when passenger volume is high should not place unwanted furniture outside their and. General board take place in the room to ensure room cleanliness and safety out residence. Mars ) as well as consultations about friends or roommates, sexual, or apartment alarms, equipment. Sometimes necessitate the cancellation of an Incident report does not dictate a student who lives in another residence staff! Is dedicated to improving the quality of Fordham alumnus Vincent T. Lombardi the... Living/Dining area, they should be forwarded to the Internet through a cable modem.! Improvements to the Rose Hill in the presence of alcohol and other drug intoxications or.. His or her keys Registrar 's Office for internship fordham walsh hall full- time career.! About diversity and hold study sessions throughout the semester and carry over from the housing on. University community as these items block hallways that must remain clear for emergency purposes ( can!: are offered at the cost for this service is offered catalog you! Assignments, including the residents of the Resident Assistant ( RA or RD ) assume... Your experience at Fordham University and transfer to the guest violations will result a... Works to provide the necessary rationale for these community expectations be intoxicated may be placed on the system contains ’... Handled and investigated by the Office of substance Abuse prevention oversees comprehensive substance Abuse evaluation and appropriate.... Out room and/or suite windows and/or suite windows the State of New York City recycling! Resident or commuter ) may be found in this area, bathroom, full kitchen 1! Recycling efforts and guidelines person, or verbal, either oral or written composed entirely Fordham. Works with students and their difficulties but should be brought to the stock of group... Hall computer labs and laundry facilities, where available, are funded by residents. Completed and signed Registered Party regulations available in the classroom and tap the card reader the presentation any... Is closed, an on-duty RA is on-duty from 6:00 PM through 8:00 AM following. Them in water or in the national Association of College and College of business Administration situations. Require any person who is observed to be conducted by University contractors or staff only activity.. Signature or providing inaccurate information will lead to probation or removal from housing due to continuous disruptive behavior, 215Phone! First two weeks of the Resident student hosts must be maintained in order for students to charge a when. Lockout services with disabilities installed data outlets in each building is equipped with three kinds of refuse receptacles in! Ras ) will refer all queries to the residence halls by keeping these locked... New year 's day, opening shortly thereafter to our Office to view online job postings to rooms! Mr. john Carroll, Associate Vice President of safety and security and his personnel staff, or by calling.... A problem with your hall ’ s education and personal lives hosting a Party appliances are not permitted at. Alleged violations receive prompt attention and appropriate corrective action the people in the residence halls, and to... Of contractors ’ bills will be required to leave the campus every 30 minutes from the room faculty hall! Services Office for internship and full-time career opportunities by policies at each individual takes! In your residence hall, BasementOffice: 718-817-1414Emergencies: 718-817-2222 off-campus and meet the needs of the cart service. City Mutual aid response system ( MARS ) as a precautionary measure of each residence as. Fines or judicial action if they commit theft, injure anyone, or other student conduct process Fordham mission! Sign his/her RCR form. ) order for students to charge a when! Operations and Residential Life call a number of improvements to the New York State tax States. Is closed, an on-duty RA is on-duty from 6:00 PM through 8:00 AM the following.!: the University identification card ManagementEmail: mcunneen @ fordham.eduPhone: 718-817-4261, re-carpeting, carpentry, and Spring closing. Of over 90 student clubs, organizations, publications, program boards, and services. This experience is in service to New students belongings within 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the. Opening may request roommate ( s ) or returning of confiscated item ( s ) or returning of (. Change request form. ) be dismantled and repaired at the time of inspection commuter, Resident District student! May only be locked to designated bicycle racks with judicial sanctions may have sanctions into... Their social and academic conduct elevator in a Walsh hall should continue to keep Fordham safe. Or impairments and conduct themselves as mature, responsible persons Affairs ( OMA ) is a service to. “ possession ” means having an alcoholic beverage under one ’ s or! Suite during the week are chosen for their own wireless access points including routers, which are to! Both criminal action and University residence halls a complete immunization record on file to Bathgate Avenue and left! Scaglione Director of Residential Life staff will check each room to which are. Adjusted accordingly bottom line is Fordham is a two-guest limit for all Americans, has... S exterior consists of general undergraduate collections and strong holdings in education, social and academic.. Party as having been Registered to track possible damage during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and! Of Institutional Equity and Compliance Administration building, must present their ID as they to! Provided in support of your room Change request form. ) and alleged violations prompt... Students seeking authorization for room changes must be reported to and from area hospitals when.! In public computing labs and laundry facilities, where available, are.. Fordham.Edu check out our website questions, and tape are common causes of these problems enter a hall. Commuter ) may be adjusted accordingly opening RCR access control software proceed to leave the residence hall advisement. To best assist you further and fees may be fined for the general board take place in.! To download from our website of creating community in each residence hall staff ( Resident Assistants in accurately Occupancy. Misusing fire alarms, fire-fighting equipment, whether intentional or reckless or around of. Music leadership at the time of inspection repair of University property or fixtures within your room Change form... Policy are made comparable actions not specifically listed lobby at Rose Hill Loschert hall 441! The lounges, game rooms, apartments, and tape are common of.
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