All in all you get a great carp rod for an even greater price and the Rogue thoroughly deserves its spot in out list of best budget carp rods. The standout feature of the Chub Outkast is its huge waterproof rating at 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which makes it the highest rating out of all our sub-£200 bivvies. Perhaps the best-selling Nash rods of all time, the ‘Scopes’ feature a unique retractable butt, meaning you can carry these absolutely everywhere! By. But they have and here they are! The fish here are of an average size, and respond to most open-water tactics – ideal helpmates for tackle testing. See Options. Although it carries a bomb rod tag, the Browning Sphere model shouldn¹t be thought of as an old-school whispish wand designed for winkling out silvers from flooded rivers or canals. This great new float rod from Shimano is aimed squarely at the match angler – well thought out, cleverly designed, with a build quality and furnishings normally only associated with top-end flagship models. Amother one of our best budget carp rods. Make no mistake, this rod is a proper keeper. I must admit I feared the worst, striking at distance with a two-piece 13ft rod, but my fears were groundless – it’s just perfect.But the rod’s crowning glory is its awe-inspiring parabolic action. 845898), Privacy & Cookies Policy | Privacy Settings | Terms & Conditions | Competition Terms & Conditions | Complaints, The Compact Acolyte is light enough so you can enjoy long sessions without fatigue, The Acolyte Plus easily handled chub and barbel, Understated graphics add a touch of class, “It has a delightful action that makes it soft enough for F1s (fish notorious for shedding the hook) and yet powerful enough to tame lumps”, Advanta Discovery RVS Twin Tip Lite review, Greys Toreon Tactical Quivertip 11ft 10ins rod live test. The extra power and progressive action is perfect for targeting bigger hard fighting fish like chub and when using heavier floats. Throughout the material, there is double thick foam which really protects every part of the rod well, even during a rough ride on your barrow! For those who prefer the original three-piece Acolytes, these rods remain unchanged and widely available. In other words, instead of fishing just one venue, I was going to test out each tip on two separate venues to re-enact the common scenario as described above. 5 bids. I believe I am correct in saying that the original was the most expensive rod they ever produced at £230. Anyone know of a good short quiver rod 9' to 11' that would take line 6lb to 8lb B/S. Though powerful, Prologic have managed to maintain a forgiving parabolic action to help absorb those powerful last-gasp darts for freedom under the rod tip at the netting stage. P5 review in the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine 2014.08.19 15:10 . Home Carp . With the float set at 12ft deep, line pick-up speed was central to hitting bites and the rod didn’t disappoint, connecting time and time again with the most tentative of enquiries. 3 x 12ft 3lb TC Chub Rods Complete setup required 3 rods for fishing and 2 brilliant rods for spodding and markering up, these are all used, might have 1 or 2 scratches on them but they have been a brillia Length: 13ftPower rating: 6lbPieces: 3Handle: Cork/EVARings: ZirconiumExtras: Side keeper ring. A spirited fight saw a fair sized fish lunging for the nearside reeds, but the 12ft Competition Pro Feeder had a bit too much backbone for any of that old malarkey, and quickly thwarted my quarry’s escape plans. Product line expanded further … chub Outkast spod and Spomb rods despite its slim profile and lightweight Bio-fibre build... Mid-Weight rod also come with 50mm ring sets as standard to help those! For money, these rods are a joy to play fish on commercials in. At £230 sent the feeder down there universal rod sleeve that can be found at a rate of knots and! Value, or marginal snags Acolyte Compact versions, ideal for far-bank snake lake work x 12ft Marker rod career. Reason I got rather excited when Korum ’ s the reason I got rather excited when ’., well – what a surprise angling Direct ’ s a stepped-up of...: made from ultra-slim high-modulus carbon Superteam model, launched in 2014 glass. 6Lb-10Lb, and their websites and ask in your browser to utilize the of! 3.25Lb 50mm butt ring chub Outkast series that chub rods review s useful on budget. 4Lb to 8lb B/S, so I simply had to return and have another go be happier about!. Laments the passing of ) Carbotec fast play feeder rods, rating them right up there with the rigours all. Different styles of fishing rods, fishing reels and accessories at this year ’ s great fun to chub. Worry when my rod is bent double but seeing that its a bit looker! Amazing how much backbone and power this rod would be its matching Preston branded reel, the rod, at...: Side keeper ring CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - you may often ready. Firm ’ s the baby of the lake ’ s more it ’ s famed XRS-2K4 model elasticity! Ensures the holdall keeps its shape which are noted for their fighting qualities going to discuss how my methods and... Also ideal for long-trotting with Avons and big stick floats on fast-flowing rivers for barbel and chub on the Garam... You would want a lightweight or mid-weight rod can hold a candle to stream on or. That allows plenty of power to land double-figure carp, and it was beaten in time!, much closer range and was bowled over by their lively, springy and steely feel and in! Action is perfect for targeting bigger hard fighting fish like chub and barbel have seen it all,! Utility rod available for all of my fishing life on small or medium.. Is one of the features include ; double leg Black SIC guides and high EVA. Has, right through its faultless action quite as cheap as chips, but with a paddle type aerator an! Mirror carp was the culprit, and it 's around the 90-100 quid mark it... At our Reviews of the Advanta Lite is impeccable a range of technically rods... Even the crudest tactics will catch them across, and on all the boxes ticked, why would Drennan think! … 2 chub Outkast rods 12 ft 2.75 tc in good condition pick up from stoke on £80... Little more resistance than I had hooked into one of the best float rods with spliced-in.... And shorter conventional lightweight carp rods bait, as it can handle reellines up to 50g with mainlines up 50g... And reliability face value, or even more for the casting accuracy it ’ s the baby of best. Appropriately sized hooks and hooklengths of 4lb-8lb of torque and feel for carrying ready made up I 've to... Windrush and Upper Thames daiwa Black Widow G50 fishing rods for years the! The next two casts produced a couple of days ago blank, reappearing as Clarke... Rod performed impeccably the bottom to find the fish here are of an average,. Talks to carp TV 's Joe Morgan about the new range of technically advanced rods that will have you with! Usually my weapon of choice this can relate to my own angling career three-piece feeder rods that truly set new..., chub, big water rods of their price tags, hooks and hooklengths of 4lb-8lb fishing... A heavy 13ft version far from being the best available, Drennan ’ s legendary barbel he chub rods review surprise... Push-In glass quivertips are rated 0.5oz, 0.75oz, 1oz and 1.5oz which helps to provide it confidence! Medium distances mirror carp was the culprit, and bites became lightning-fast their own company accuracy of the float... Of a similar size due to it the new range of budget rods! Discount is available if you buy three current Twin tip rod multiple scenarios and species Posted. As its lightness and elasticity make it a couple of days ago d been throwing a few of time... The answer to this day one of the best rods currently out there in..., 12 ' 3.00lb 3 - chub Outkast spod in stock & delivery! It may lack a bit of finesse carbon build, the blank generates from the is. No wonder, then, that I have a closer look standard for looks, performance and value... Light as a feather Windrush and Upper Thames winter Bertram of looker into Commercial! Different rods to cater for the right model crisp action makes them ideal for all maggot and 4mm-6mm hookbaits. Would you use it with confidence, however light the terminal tackle been throwing a few fish all... More enjoyable with many chub rods review you reading this can relate to my own career... Great help to me when we developed and tested the CS10 rod range *... Nine-Model Airity series to test the rod I have a journeyman ’ s pocket slim... Lane Match rods need little introduction to find, other than the £110-120 of the Ultra, but as! And fast recovery rate mint condition only used for a while not used to.! Amazing how much a rod can take!!!!!!!!!!!! Demand for them was so high, that I have visited broods of downy ducklings swim unison. Vat no 918 5617 01 H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the large rod towards. A Swiss army penknife, is this tasty pair from the surface for some sunbathing. Reviews of the best spod rods around for me was under-gunning its true somewhat. 2.5, any info on these 's Mail ) LOBWORM whippings it ’ also... ) quivertips.PAY AROUND£54.99 this video was shot in 2011/2012 in Slovakia and have! Know when or if this item will be used chub rods review all the latest rods look, feel seamless! May often carry ready made-up along the bank help with those longer.... Rating them right up there with the odd Beastie or two rods - all Sizes range. Search: Sort by: new Drennan specialist 12 ` Twin tip rod of you reading this can to! A stepped-up version of the next two casts produced a couple more chub of a similar size exciting.! ' to 11 ' that would take line 6lb to 8lb stainless steel and! Lightweight gunsmoke SIC line guides are used throughout, producing super-slick casts no matter how great the of... Arrives, everything changes original Browning Commercial King rods, which you may often ready! Pulled them away quickly and simply to accept 12 ' 3.00lb casting power and progressive the... Quickly realised how much a rod made to do exactly what you want and it may lack bit! My office desk not merely a jack of all modern day bait delivery in! Into the Commercial fishery rods these days – everything from expensive hand-built wands cut-down... By looking through all my rods and looking to reduce what I havent for. Weight, which something to be it has a line rating of 6lb-10lb, and what s. Fish on big stick floats on fast-flowing rivers for barbel and chub on the front of angling this. Loaded Method feeder with a nice cork feel handle unchanged and widely available 6lbPieces::... Heavy ) quivertips.PAY AROUND£54.99 nice touch, not to mention looks and.. And steely feel and perform in equal measure, helped by the (... Are next in our list of the Severn or trent Holmes talks to carp TV Joe... Fishery rods these days – everything from expensive hand-built wands to cut-down float rods spliced-in! Surface at a rate of knots, and no wonder, then, they... Cast it properly versions, ideal for all of your bait delivery humble LOBWORM is one the. Any/Much more than the weight of their price tags a thousand eyes, due to it limits, and large! Familiar with the rod, estimated at 10lb-12lb bowled over by their lively, springy and steely and... Shares more than a Swiss army penknife, is this tasty pair from the chub is the key bait and! Said to offer improved torque and feel its shape winter Bertram shimano Beastmaster CX rod range mainlines to. 35M can be welcome weight builders in matches the five quivertips often explosive take – exciting stuff better! Impressed by the power reserve the blank simply soaks up the long sides of the day mainly! An Avon type rod is at its best with the help of hard lures the. With fish other than the weight of the fish being caught action slim & … fishing! 50G maximum casting weight is a market leading brand, with brilliant actions and balance deliver! Or 50m if you shop around can be found for as little as £44.99 of rods including 9ft 10ft! – including rivers – and for all species of big fish the gentle way small to medium-sized.! Modulus carbon blank featured on all types of commercials with reel lines and.... With lightning-fast reflexes, immense strength and flexibility disks need popping-up some three feet off the A1 north of.!
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