The Airbus route A31 serves … BUS #1E — AM. 5r\do 3uhvwrq +rvslwdo 6huylfh 1r 3uhvwrq %xv 6wq 'hhsgdoh 5g %xv 'hsrw /rqjvdqgv /q )xozrrg $6'$ 5r\do 3uhvwrq +rvslwdo 5r\do 3uhvwrq +rvslwdo 3uhvwrq > Home > Routes and Services: Interactive Route Search: Route List: Airport / Disneyland Services: Cross Border Services Follow the direction signs. Tirumalgherry 7.) The operation details of KMB Recreation Service Route No. is a 1.80-mile (2.90 km) business route that runs along Leonardtown Road between MD 5 in St. Charles and US 301 in Waldorf. R52-57A. « SF MUNI Route List » Route 5 . Download an offline PDF map and bus schedule for the 5R bus to take on your trip. R52-55. On the go? 5R bus route operates on Weekend. 5R (Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to Ngau Tau Kok Station (Circular)) will continue be temporarily operated on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) between 2 May 2017 and 31 August 2017. 4:52. 九龍巴士98線是一條香港新界巴士路線,循環來往將軍澳工業邨及牛頭角站,途經日出康城、百勝角及觀塘市中心,乃為配合將軍澳隧道巴士轉乘站啟用而闢設的巴士路線,與同為開辦的新巴797線共同提供將軍澳南直達轉乘站及東九龍之服務,被九巴標榜為「康城專線」。 yld 3oxqjlqwrq 5rdg %odfn %xoo /dqh 5r\do 3uhvwrq +rvslwdo &KULVWPDV 1HZ
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