P.S. Sure, this starts as a compact gimbal, but it’s SO much more than that. STRO and SPORQ are REUSABLE stainless steel replacements. BRÜ is a delightfully simple tea machine that makes brewing ANY type of tea absolutely effortless. It’s compact and tough, but surprisingly FUN to use. If only he had the MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon. It’s just what NASA uses to protect their freakin’ SPACE SHUTTLES! But there won’t be any regrets about having THIS in your kitchen. We’ve already featured a few masks since this thing started. B. (A smart, capable, ridiculously good-looking adult at that.). P.S. The crushable EVA brim holds its shape no matter what, and 4-way stretch fabric makes this cap virtually indestructible. If you want to put single-use alternatives on the Endangered Species List, look no further. Guys named Larry with 30 fake Rolex lining their pockets. Easily store papers, track notes, and connect your tech with this brilliantly designed vegan leather workspace. Really all that matters is that you’ll LOVE everything you can do with the GPCA Carabiner. Back NOW to unlock FREE SHIPPING to the U.S. P.S. You’re about to head out the door when you notice a stain the size of Poland on your brand new shirt. It’s a 6-knife master set designed to ELEVATE the average home cook. The Inlet is an absurdly portable origami folding kayak that assembles in minutes and weighs LESS than I did on the day I was born. If you like dull, cumbersome pocket knives, this compact cutter simply isn’t for you. There are A LOT of things to miss about the ’90s. This bad boy handles data transfers in the blink of an eye + a whole lot more! Made with ultra-tough ballistic tarpaulin, these durable bags offer a compact alternative to bulky backpacks. MARKSMITH – A Bolt-Action **Retractable** Permanent Marker, 2. There are 2 types of people in this world: 1. Oomph 2.0 – A 2-in-1 Coffee Brewer Travel Mug Hybrid, 1. And while nothing short of a miracle will save my precious locks…. Why do I feel like Harry Potter would’ve used this pen?! You simply don’t have the right tools for the job! P.S. Just drop your soiled shirt into Easy Wash and start spinnin’! 2. It features a BUILT-IN FAN that keeps you cool in the heat of battle. Me: DAMMIT ROBO-WOMAN, IT’S ALREADY THERE!!!! LIFESABER® – The Ultimate Survival Tool, 4. It’s the PERFECT eye-catching addition to every modern home and makes entertaining groups of any size an absolute breeze! HyperDisk works with ANY computer and even Android phones to securely store your most precious data. It’s a NO-BRAINER for old-school gamers looking for a new-school twist on classic games. They’re crying out for something different. (Plus you’ll finally be able to beat your jerk neighbor in a race around the block. Which means that when you wear THIS bad boy…. Anybody know how to get rid of Thunder Thighs? Mokibo Folio supports iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, AND Windows (you can even connect 3 devices via Bluetooth). Hitch – A 2-in-1 Bottle With A Hidden Surprise, 1. But looking cool is only part of the equation…. That’s what they’d shout at anyone wearing this jacket in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. It’s basically like giving yourself a deep tissue massage at HOME. Origami means, “AMAZING new water bottle” in Japanese. of hot OR cold liquid goodness, and packs down slim in an instant. SwitchBot Curtain is a genius device that makes ANY curtains smart in seconds. It’s made with blissfully breathable clever-comfort fabric that NEVER overheats. Keep your head up and eyes on the road thanks to this jaw-dropping tech. No matter what (or who) you need to block out, do it with ReduxBuds. The lightning-fast processor ensures instant response time while you work OR game, and its ultra-bright, glare-free screen lets you use the Desklab Monitor absolutely ANYWHERE. Want these sooner? Draft Top lets you toss back cold ones like NEVER before! Games, movies, and yes, even work, comes alive with a vibrant 2nd screen. A-Zero – Reusable Bags Made From Veggie Starch, 34 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2020 [$1 million+], [2021 Kickstarter Tips] 17 secret tricks to raise $1 million+, 17 Best Kickstarter Technology Projects of 2020 [Updated]. So be the first to hop on this hot bandwagon, and UPGRADE your look today! Sometimes they deliver and sometimes they don't, especially in the games industry. It cleans your bum in seconds with fresh, clean water that feels a HECK of a lot better than 2-ply TP. It’s a magical extending table that easily seats up to 12 guests when you need it, and stores away neatly when you don’t. But it’s time to like the way we feel, too. Perfectly placed magnets snap into place, creating an instant coil that STAYS OUT OF YOUR WAY! The rotating head and twist ‘n go attachments work like a charm on everything from baked-on grease to stubborn stains. Click in the "Search Projects" box across the top of the screen and type in key words related to the project… Sorry Aunt Jean, but we’re taking our drawer back. An all-new redesign maximizes airflow ensuring each breath you take will be better than the last. Your house key, your car key, that one mystery key that you refuse to remove despite having NO idea what it opens…, (It’s your 11th grade bike lock, by the way.). Good thing the Arc Pen is NOTHING like those. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide! It’s an all-in-one kitty dream house that your cat will LOVE! Sketch, draw, and sign with this beautiful fountain pen, and you’ll NEVER go back to what you were using before. P.S. If you’ve ever dropped serious dough on a jacket, you have some basic expectations: So the LAST THING you want to see is a rogue ember digging a hole in your $400 investment. Anybody else wanna use this thing as a salad spinner?! GoGoLeash – An All-in-One Dog Leash System, 1. It’s a modern take on a classic look with FREE SHIPPING worldwide! It’s a super slim notebook pen that’s designed to go pretty much everywhere. The Whistler Self-Healing Windbreaker is nothing short of MAGICAL. This mesmerizing spinner goes for up to 11 minutes thanks to a custom-made launcher that adds extra fun to your workday. P.S. The solid upper press locks in moisture giving meats, fish, and veggies the PERFECT sear. This genius system unleashes the power of electrolyzed water to keep YOUR home germ-free! Protect your tech with a TSA Lock, anti-theft chain, and shockproof shell. It’s a modern explorer’s dream that can be YOURS for just six easy payments of $49.99. So, is it a good idea to add this mesmerizing spinning top to my desk? P.S. Instead, it’s SIMPLE, easy-to-use, and works like a charm to engrave just about ANYTHING. The same pair of gray sweats that you’ve worn every day this week? (The included magnetic knife block is sweeeet!). What’s next, ice cream that helps you LOSE weight?? I could make that. 3. After 100 cranks and 17 agonizing minutes…. But don’t be fooled by its old-school appeal, this ain’t your grandma’s fanny pack. This phone lasts LONGER and costs FAR less than anything else out there AND is compatible with most major carriers! Blinks Game System and Epic Adventure Expansion, 2. This $1.3 million campaign is trending to become the most funded backpack EVER. Simply sit back, relax, and watch its self-growing technology BLOW YOUR MIND. 45 minutes later, you’re silently sobbing in the middle of your kitchen, crouching in the fetal position, and ordering DoorDash as fast as you possibly can. Please excuse me while I prepare a highly articulate opening statement…. I remember the last time my phone made it a whole day without being charged…. Beanie Babies, Tupac, a functioning government…. RaceMouse didn’t earn that title for nothin’. MezmoTop is a dazzling desktop spinner designed to entertain you while you put off work. There’s no annoying dripping and absolutely NO oily mess. B-2 Dog Tag – Fully Concealed Nano Blade Pocket Knife, 3. This costs less than ONE massage at the spa! 3. It’s a FANTASTIC gift for space lovers! Wind, rain, snow, and yup, even fire is no match for this ultra-tough jacket that laughs at pretty much anything that nature throws its way. P.S. A project of Pebble Technology, this product is currently the most funded campaign in … Plain old board games just don’t cut it for him anymore. SMOOTH-Q2 – A Truly Pocket-Sized Advanced Mobile Gimbal, 2. The key benefit lies in The COBA Board’s 7-degree incline, which puts your body in the ideal position to tone muscles WITHOUT hurting your knees. MOFT Float is a revolutionary “FLOATING” case for iPad Pro. I’m about to slap you with some cold, hard truth…. The headquarters of Kickstarter, an American public benefit corporation and crowdfunding platform for creative projects, are in Greenpoint, a neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City.The three-story, open … NightBuds are immersive smart earbuds designed for a better night’s sleep. OROS Apparel is the warmest outerwear in the UNIVERSE. (I got 4 pairs of underwear and a pack of Ritz crackers this year.). P.S. Its sleek design slides away neatly when you’re not using it, so the ONLY person who will know you’re working on your glutes… is you! It’s the ULTIMATE emergency tool to keep in your car should the unexpected happen. Add velvety sweetness to YOUR favorite coffee drinks without visiting your local barista. Just a damn good pen ready whenever YOU need it. High carbon JAPANESE STEEL slices through food like it’s not even there. P.S. It’s a supremely powerful charger with BUILT-IN overheating protection. Darn you, scammers, for making me a paranoid MESS. So you can wipe down dishes FAST, in one swipe. Its smart-stretch elastic band EXPANDS if you’ve had a big lunch and CONTRACTS when you’ve slimmed back down. Sure, an angry mob may try to burn you at the stake…. I’ll be bald by the time you finish reading this sentence! (On a related note, do NOT use a table saw unless it has your undivided attention.). 2. 2. Grab these SUPER early birds while they’re hot, hot, hot! Giving you a supremely stylish bag that WON’T break down over time. Uhhh, I mean I enjoy tea brewed from bags. But now that my hair flows like a lion’s mane? Lauco – An Ultra-Compact 12-in-1 Charging Hub, 1. So you’ll get BETTER results in LESS time. It’s an absolute NO-BRAINER for motorcyclists that will help keep you safe. It’s literally a NO-BRAINER addition to your kitchen. P.S. You don’t see any soft-shell turtles walkin’ around, do ya?! There were some pretty bada** Kickstarter projects…. SwitchBot Curtain – Make Your Curtains Smart In Seconds, 1. It prevents them from cleaning off food scraps before using the dishwasher. ... It’s New … Not owning a 3D printer in 2020 is like not having a mustache in 1994. You and I can change that RIGHT NOW with The Essential Knife Set by Crowd Cookware. Now they make more with a single post than I do in a year , But that perfect shot doesn’t happen by accident…. (Mine looks like a storm carrying 3-day-old spaghetti sauce just blew through.). Wood, leather, food — you name it, Wainlux engraves it. The ultra affordable 3-pack is by FAR their most popular reward. It’s cool, efficient, and TOTALLY BADA**! 3. HUNT 3.0 – The World’s Smallest Flashlight Combo, 2. High-resolution printing brings each puzzle to life — showcasing all 4 series of 7 designs each. VoidScan is an RFID jamming card that protects your data. But they’re about as exciting as a PBS documentary on yogurt making. Or you could just get the MiniSwitch Pen. If the early bird 3x PICO set was any more affordable, they’d be GIVING it away! The hands down best tech, design, and fashion projects from Kickstarter in 2019. Its gentle blast of warm air dries you in SECONDS. Because why update Excel formulas all day when you could watch this Inception-inspired spinner work its magic?? IsoSpine is THE answer to your back pain prayers. PuzzleUp offers a brand new twist on an old school favorite. Sign up for the HypeSquad and be notified of the best products in the world before anyone else! Meet the Next Generation Performance Chinos. Findster Home – 24/7 Monitoring So You Never Lose Your Pet Again, 3. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. That old bearded guy on TV keeps telling us that we’re gonna like the way we look. Go with their “FinalStraw Level Early Bird Special.”, (You’ll receive a FREE FinalStraw collapsible straw — a $25 value!). It’s a seriously powerful pepper-grinder that seasons your food in a FRACTION of the time. Air Deck 3.0 playing cards are battle-tested and traveler-approved. It holds 16 oz. It’s time for a MASSIVE keychain upgrade — it’s time for MAWST. Smooth: Listing your crush as an emergency contact so you “have to” get their number. Engrave ANY design on ANY surface restriction-free. And like all the best toys, YOU’LL have more fun than your kids. These simple clips DRASTICALLY increase your visibility and help keep you SAFE on the road. And your co-workers were too “busy” to help you out yet SOMEHOW found a way to log off at 3 pm. UVMask – The World’s Most Advanced Dual-Filtration Face Mask, 3. View Gallery 71 Photos 1 of 71. It’s a super bright bike reflector that offers 360° visibility for night riding. P.S. The titanium body is naturally antibacterial, too. It’s an ultra-compact bottle that gets 80% SMALLER for easy packing on the go. Now I get off work and it’s darker than Darth Vader’s soul outside. These days I’m not touching ANYTHING that’s not mine. [gravityform id=”17″ title=”false” description=”false”. To protect yourself (and your identity), you HAVE to be proactive. P.S. Get the most out of your CURRENT tech with this revolutionary mobile display. P.S. Its waxed cotton canvas and full-grain leather straps add a unique vibe that says, “I’m hip, I’m cool, and I own the greatest backpack of all-time.”. Save a whopping $75 with the BRÜ+ model that literally cleans ITSELF! It helps you GET MORE DONE on ALL of your devices. Can this little light really boost your mood? (Which is good news considering your gym is about to get more crowded than a 75% off sale at Lululemon.). Hence, I had no need for a massaging hairbrush. And you can make decisions for yourself, I know. This double-wall insulated super koozie protects YOUR drink from summer heat. But it CAN handle a 16-inch trout with ease! Simply press it onto your chain, rotate backwards, and get ready for an absurdly SMOOTH ride. Its fast-absorb fabric is completely stain resistant, letting you effortlessly clean kitchenware or prep items for the dishwasher in the blink of an eye. So when the good people from Xpand launched the Urban Belt, I was a skeptic. | ProductHype Reviews | Kickstarter Blog, 7 Crucial Differences Between Kickstarter & Indiegogo (in 2019), The 34 Most Funded Kickstarter Projects of 2018 (All Over $1 Million). It’s a MIND-BLOWING bracelet that turns movement into melodies. P.S. Simply whip out your wee-wee and pee on some hay! This isn’t overrun with logos and you won’t look like the Michelin Man, either. Its compact, stackable design and 100% microwave safe containers are just what you need to kiss $14 mid-week lunches GOODBYE. Sure, you could keep spending your entire afternoon manning the grill. Pathfinder – The Most Comfortable Sneakers Ever Made, 4. It’s the ultimate 2-in-1 solution for coffee lovers who HATE the hassle of traditional brewers! But you CAN accomplish all that in just 4 minutes with MONKII 360. VoidScan — A Signal-Jamming Card To Stop Thieves, STOIC™ by Monkii – The Science-Backed Anti-Fatigue Mat, 2. Most people go with the Recommended+ Pack! It offers wildly efficient training for insanely busy people through short, high intensity movements that transform your body shockingly fast. Its ultra-smooth surface is pre-seasoned to perfection, helping you cook insanely delicious meals from day one. 4. YOU can save your drain with ShowerShroom Ultra. You can also search for projects by name. The perfect dash of Redmond’s Real Salt. If you see polyester, it’s already too late. So they’re 100% compostable and fully biodegradable. It’s a PORTABLE butt shower that spares your delicate booty from scratchy TP. The LEAST they could do is offer toilet paper that doesn’t double as sandpaper. GONE are the days where people think you recorded vids in the middle of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. It expands from a 22L daypack to a 40L travel bag in the blink of an eye. Vaonis is raising funds for Vespera: The new way to observe the universe on Kickstarter! Whipr is convenient, effective, and dare I say FUN. Me before seeing this: “Camping gear is all the same!”. “Why yes, please get within 6 inches of me!”. P.S. 1. Play one of four ultra-popular games against evolving AI, or challenge yourself against friends around the world. “Own more than one belt,” I thought, “ridiculous!”. eBreath filters the air you breathe in AND out. Sorry, it’s hard to type with only seven fingers. It naturally engages your body — reducing stress, boosting focus, and offering crucial pressure point relief. Get $15 BACK after the campaign ends! It’s a hat with a pen attached to it so you’ll ALWAYS have one handy. Pants off the rack are designed for Shaq after a few years on the Atkins diet. Its 4-stage filtration system is powerful enough to turn SODA into WATER. These WILDLY fun ski-skates offer a fresh alternative to stale winter sports and let you explore tree runs and terrain parks like NEVER before. Their long sleeve base layer and lightweight hoodie are truly PERFECT for fall. They were the size of your living room and cost more than your car. Save $70 with their early bird 360 Ultimate System complete with FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. Me: Have you SEEN this ridiculously cool FOLDING KAYAK?! (I’ve walked around the block so many times there’s literally a RUT in the concrete.). Your curtains expect YOU to get up and move them aside? And NOTHING protects against winter’s bitter chill like Give’r Frontier Mittens. (Somewhere my dentist just gasped in horror.). P.S. (Look, I’d recline on a chihuahua-shaped bean bag if it meant getting rid of my back pain.). This video presents a list of the 10 Kickstarter Projects that are the coolest and most funded projects at the moment (July, 2018). As of December 2019, Kickstarter has received more than $4.6 billion in pledges from 17.2 million backers to fund 445,000 projects… It’s a communal space to be avoided at ALL COSTS. This newly discovered property is light, durable, and shockingly versatile, making this one of the best all-around jackets ever made. But imagine if your computer died and you lost EVERYTHING. Pebble Time – $20,338,986. COFFEEJACK – The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Barista, 4. It’s great for slicin’ and dicin’, of course, but does SO much more than that, too. P.S. But owning a jacket THIS cool is well worth the risk. But they’re giving us ONE MORE CHANCE before they lock us up. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the guidelines and click “Continue”. My doc says that I’m not supposed to eat an entire carton of ice cream, either. Suntable – A Solar-Powered Outdoor Entertainment Hub, 4. Its smart-map technology automatically recognizes over 1,000 bird species. Already part of the Blinks Game System family? Seriously, they’re pretty much giving them away! Both a delicious treat and AMAZING example of the power of aerogel. KABUTO Carry-On – Insanely High-Tech Luggage, 1. From tabletop adventures to beloved revivals, discover the projects forging the future of gameplay. Grilling offers great flavor, but takes FOREVER. LaserPecker Pro is the world’s most COMPACT laser engraver. Just drop your food inside Mellow Duo in the morning, and you’ll have an absurdly tasty meal waiting for you by the time you get home. At less than 2oz, RAZOR pairs this super-strong blade with an ultra-sleek body that slides right onto your keychain. “Uhhh, because everyone’s waist is different?”. 1. P.S. A 365-day battery, super easy setup, and supremely sleek design make this a NO-BRAINER for homeowners. Well, go to the bathroom and THEN take your shirt off. Join the 183,000 people who’ve already joined The HypeSquad. They’re shockingly slim versions of the playing cards you know and love, but are 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible. But those koozies you got from your cousin’s wedding keep your beer cold for about 2.7 seconds. Its aerospace-grade control system automatically adjusts to any room’s size, letting its 8 hyper-powerful sensors clean your air more efficiently than Mr. Clean riding an airborne Roomba. It zaps all sorts of harmful gunk that grows unchecked in traditional filters. Beyond MASHUPS, Beyond COVERS... on Kickstarter! P.S. The LIMITED early bird “Wild Bundle” is the best deal! Mine was a LEGO Star Wars set leftover from my brother. ), Barely recognizable under years of burnt-on food scraps…. Its instant-rise adjustable heights provide the PERFECT viewing angle. Do you look like Ryan Reynolds with Bill Gates’ bank account? P.S. Montanc – A Feather-Light Vacuum With Cutting-Edge Tech, 1. Roommate: “Why are you laser engraving a lemon?”. A daily $4 latte adds up to over $1.6 million over the course of a year?! Your college backpack, which doesn’t exactly scream “professional style.”. In layman’s terms, it’s a mat that feels freakin’ GREAT on your feet. P.S. All while the invisible built-in stand lays completely flat while not in use. What if I told you that you could LOSE weight, BUILD muscle, and STOP premature balding in just 30 seconds A DAY?? Most backpacks are a giant pit of misery. Its hyper-accurate location tracking notifies you the SECOND Fido makes a break for it, giving you glorious peace of mind 24/7. A precision touch sensor instantly reacts to your fingers’ commands, helping you become a hyper-efficient MACHINE. At the rate I’m finding hairs in my shower drain…. Mokibo Folio – An Amazing Keyboard Hybrid, 2. P.S. Their limited-time early bird has FREE shipping and December delivery. Simply hang it up and you’re ready to roll.